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Shopping Guide

1. Firstly, you need to have an account on digitopz. Please register firstly.


2. When you register completely,  please go to your desired goods, add it to the shopping cart.

3. The page your shopping cart contents will show, if you still want other goods, click back to shipping and add them again. Then click"go to checkout"

4. In this page, you need to choose the shipping method,
free shipping  (arrives in 10-12 business days)
Express Parcel(arrives in 3-5 business days)
And you can also leave comments in the blank for your requirements or advice
Click "continue checkout"

5. In this page, you need to choose Payment method, PayPal or western union. Choose of them and click" continue checkout"

6. In this page, you will see your order details. If there is no problem, please click"confirm the order" to complete the order. Then you will get your order number. Please email to and tell us your order and Payment method option