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Payment Methods

Dear customer,

Welcome to Digitopz ! We currently accept payment via Western Union and PayPayl.  Credit card is not available Now.
if you are interested in products on our website, feel free to complete the order with the payment method below: 

PayPal: We accepts PayPal payment and please feel free to order items
Western Union (Our western union account)
First name : ru  chun 
Last name : chen
City: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Country: China

Please do not leave any comments when you send the payment.After payment, please email to tell us MTCN (10 numbers ),  remitter's full name, country, and total amount. Once the payment is confirmed, we will contact you.


Q: How to pay with PayPal?
A: Place the order. After confirm the order, you will get an order number. Please 
send us an email to with your Order number and we will send you the PayPal payment instruction to you.

Q: If I can't receive the card, is there any guarantee?
A: If customer can't receive the product, we will refund full money back or re-send a new one.

Q: If the card can't work, Can I return?
A: If the card can't work, send us an email with the card issue to and we will try our best to help you. If THE card issue can not be fixed, you can return the product back to change a new one or refund.

Q: Why does my order status display "pending" after i place the order?
A: It means you place the order and do not pay for it. If you want to pay for the order, please send us an email to with your Order number and we will send you the payment instruction to you.