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M3i Zero/M3 Real

The M3i Zero is an updated M3 Real card designed for compatibility with the Nintendo DSi. There is no GBA compatibility with the M3i Zero running on the Nintendo DSi because it does not have a GBA expansion slot. However, the M3i Zero will run GBA games on DSes/DSlites that have a GBA expansion cart.At the same time,owning to its many unique techniques, such as, upgradable "Boot Flash data", upgradable "Kernel" and upgradable "Firmware" and so on, M3i zero DSi card is the most powerful flash card and best-selling product in here! The M3 DS Real is the best product currently available for the Nintendo DS/Lite.No does it require any additional Passcard or Passme devices to Simply copy your game files or multimedia files onto a low cost, high capacity MicroSD memory card,and then plug it into M3 Real,you can enjoy! In addition,You can play MP3's, read TXT books, and run all your homebrew applications with it.