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Cobra ODE DMC For PHAT PATA, SATA PHAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3K
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Model: Cobra ODE DMC
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2014-09-10 First shipments of Cobra DMC will be with resellers by September 30th latest.

2014-09-10 Lots of good news from Cobra developers today, they have released pictures of the DMC add-on for older consoles to enable swap mode, and confirmed that it is safe to update to v4.65 and use their v2.2


Cobra ODE DMC is specially for PHAT PATA, SATA PHAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k consoles which allows all versions of Cobra ODE (3.xx/4.xx and 5.xx) to work on 4.60 OFW. It is confirmed that it's safe to update to v4.65 and use their v2.2. A swap disc is required in line with current usage of Cobra ODE on OFW 4,60 and 4k consoles.


The DMC module has an Actel FPGA on board which controls the optical lens' units disc eject motor, thus enabling us to insert and remove discs without detection by the drive controller. The onboard FPGA is linked to a USB PHY which enables full reprogramming of the FPGA at any time via USB connected to your PC.

The Cobra DMC connects to the Cobra ODE (all models) via the JTAG 24 pin FFC port on the Cobra ODE and the "main" port on the Cobra DMC. All necessary cables are included.

The Cobra DMC can be mounted adjacent to the optical drive of your PS3. The module then connects to the eject motor inside your drive, without soldering via FFC cables.

Where and When can i buy Cobra ODE DMC?

First shipments of Cobra DMC will be with resellers by September 30th latest. Please pre-order early to avoid disappointment. The 5.1B and 5.3A Cobra ODE devices can also be purchased bundled with the DMC module for 20 USD extra approximately.The Cobra Team is now testing the recently released 4.65 OFW to confirm compatibility, verification results will be posted soon.

How to install Cobra ODE DMC?

Package Content

1 x Cobra ODE DMC


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