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Model: R-SIM5
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1. The latest generation of R-SIM Card,named R-SIM5 is availble now.
2.We have other types of 4s unlock cards as well ,please look at here : iPhone4s Unlock SIM Card .
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4.This item is free shipping and sent by registered airmail,usually you can receive it in about 10-12 working days!
5.Remember to contact us as long as you have any questions about this item or other things.


R-SIM5,is the latest generation unlocking card for IPHONE 4S from gevey3 team. R-SIM5 Card was build in much attractive features,it was said,this is the strongest universal unlock card has been put on to the market !Its compatibility is the strongest( can be used on Fido in Canada and T-MOBILE in USA.)Strongest,for operators all over the world! Strongest,for all the IPHONE types!It can unlock all the operators of IPHONE 4S.There 55 operators are built in,3 modes provided can be selected.In mode 1,CDMA express version can be selected;In mode 2,GSM+WCDMA the second speed version can be selected;In mode 3,the ten digits operators' code can be edited.R-SIM5, with original F981 chipsets,superior & colourful trays!

What's more,R-SIM5 iron trays with several colour optional,such as pink,orange,green etc to meet differnce taste.


1.Compared to the former unlock card,better in compatibility.It can support any 4S ( applicable to T-MOB & FIDO in France,etc.)
2.With original F981 chipsets,less power comsuption,thinner,more convenient to plug and play!
3.It's applicable to any 4S without any limited operator.It has surpassed any type of unlock card!
4.Actually,applicable to three networks:WCDMA+GSM+CDMA.No any problem for any of these networks!
5.It can support any system(IOS:5.0 5.01 5.1 5.11 5.x etc.).
6.The Internet of 2G +3G etc. can work well.
7.With the newest exquisite orange R-SIM5 package.
8.It is obsolutely original.Pls identify RGKNSE.(with aftersale service,replacement,update.)
9.Other than the iron trays,there are pink,orange,green etc. ones for you to choose from.
10.There two modes:CDMA & GSM modes can be selected.55 operators are

built in.Mode 1: with the highest speed;Mode 2: the second highest speed.

User Guide

1.Enter R-SIM5 application menu;

  1.1 click “Select carrier”,the below menu will be shown: 

  1.1.1 click “OtherCarrier Mode1”,the below 26 operators menu will be shown(note: this 

MODE1 is universal mode,signal can be tracked at once.) 

1.1.2 click“OtherCarrier Mode2”,also the below 26 operators menu will be shown(note: thisMODE2 is special mode.It will take a longer time to track the signal.However,this mode can support the operators and SIM that MODE1 can't support,eg:for US T-Mobile,when you select MODE2,signal can be tracked successfully at once.Switch on again when you change another SIM card. )

Characteristic adaptive trays have been published,please go to to choose them. Besides,other R-SIM series can also be choosen for iphone4.  

NOTES: If your IPHONE is CDMA,eg: Verizon,Spring of USA, AU of Japan, 

the following steps are needed to be operated:  

Before using the unlock card,don't jailbreak.Pls enter setting  =>>General =>>Also use =>> erase and restore 

all the contents. Because a USA number is erased------this number must be erased. Then jailbreak, unfold CYDIA.

Step1: add source V.BACKSPACE.JP/REPO, install “CommCenter patch”.

Step2: add ""  to the “ Cydia”.

Step3: switch on again,add the source"",then search:TetherMe,select 2.3-9 version and install.

Step4: insert SIM card and R-SIM5 unlock card,select the phone version and operator,then restart the phone, 

automatical unlocking will be done after waiting about 3 mins. 

Video Guide

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