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Buy Cronusmax Plus for PS4/PS3/Xbox One/ Xbox 360
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Cronusmax Plus is the next generation of Cronusmax which remain the original fearures of Cronusmax. And it also has some incrediable upgrade which increases the power of Cronusmax with new features, and also fixes many bugs.

Cronusmax Plus New Features

Works with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android device and PC.
PS4 Wireless Support
PS4 Wireless Authentication Support
PS4 Partial Crossover Gaming Support without requiring a PC to be hooked up
Android device Support
Tournament Edition Mode
PlayStation TV Support
Xbox One Trigger Rumble Support
Visual Scripting Interface-GPC Blockly
Dualshock 4 Lightbar Brightness
Cronus Pro GPC Scripting
Cronus Pro GPC Online Library(over 1000 Free Scripts)
Cronus Pro Support
X-AIM Plugin(Mouse&keybord,Racing Wheels)
Max-Mapper Plugin(Button Remapper)
Max Combo Plugin (Macro/Combo Creator)
Max Rec Plugin(Record Conrolller Output)
Max-Input Software
Online Updates


*Requires a PS4 controller to anthenticate. Wireless function requires  a USB Bluetooth adapter.
*Requires a compatible wired Xbox 360 Controller or Xbox One controller with a full date micro USB cable to anthenticate. Wireless function requires a Micosoft Wireless Adapter.
*Requires a Window PC and OTG cable.
  [The Cronusmax Plus will reset it's anthentication on the PS4 once every 10 minutes, the controller will pause but takes less than a second and is hardly noticeable. A PC coonnection is no longer required in order for you to use the Crossover Gaming function on a PS4.
   Requires a Window PC to be connected.]



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1 x Cronusmax Plus controller for PS4/PS3/Xbox One/ Xbox 360

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