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AceNS SX OS/Atmosphere/REINX payloads injector for Switch
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AceNS which released by Ace team is a new tool for hacking Nintendo Switch. It is compatible with Switch on all firmware and versions. AceNS supports injecting payloads of SX OS/Atmosphere/REINX to Switch without using a smartphone or a PC. The AceNS dongle is built-in the payloads and there is no need to download it online. It comes with an AceNS dongle, RCMclip, and Micro USB cable. It is easy to use and easy to carry. AceNS supports Atmosphere 0.8.9/SX OS V2.7 on Nintendo Switch 8.0.1

AceNS Features

* New AceNS Loader is powered by battery. Batter life of New AceNS will last longer and there is no need to charge AceNS loader frequently.
* RCM Jig can be attached to AceNS Loader and will not lose easily.
* Works on all firmware and all version
* Supports payload.bin directly, maximum up to 6 payloads.
* Built-in 3 payloads: ATMOSPHERE,REINX and SX OS, easy to switch by pressing the button.
* Easy Management-It will be immediately recognized as a USB flash drive when connecting to PC
* Good compatibility, supports WINDOWS, MAC OS and LINUX system. 
* Firmware updatable
* Supports up to 6 payload.bin
* Way of adding or replacing payload.bin: connect AceNX dongle to your PC with micro USB cable, you can copy and paste payload.bin to update it.

AceNS content

1 x AceNS Dongle
1 x RCM Jig
1 x Micro USB cable

AceNS User Manual

1. Power on Nintendo Switch and insert AceNS Dongle to Switch. When Led flash white after 10 seconds of charging, the dongle is fully charged.
2. Long press the button of RCMloader to switch the payloads. Different colors of LED mean different payloads. You can switch to different payloads.
REINX - Green Light
SX OS - Red Light
3. Download the kernel of SX OS, ATMOSPHERE and ReiNX and unzip to the root of microSD card. If you select to boot ATMOSPHERE or ReiNX, you need to copy nsp games to tinfoil/nsp folder in your microSD card.
4. Make sure that your Switch console is completely power off. Plug the micro SD card into your Switch console.
Slide the Jig into the Right-Hand Joycon rail and push it down, insert RCMloader to your Switch console.
Holding the VOL+ button, then press the Power Button. The payload you choose will be injected to Switch
Select Launch-payloads-reiNX, then your console will boot into ReiNX

5. Select Album and you will go into the hbmenu. Launch the Tinfoll to install nsp games.

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