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3DS Flashcart FAQ

At present, all the 3DS Flashcarts sold by digitopz have been pre-flashed and ready to use on DSi V1.45 or 3DS/XL/LLv11.9.0-42J/E/U out of box. What's more, we have tested every single flashcard before shipping out to assure you can receive the high quality card and following cards can work well on your 3DS/XL/LLv11.9.0-42J/E/U as well as DSi V1.45 too.

Which Flashcart Should I get ?

Which flashcard can work well on 2DS ?

Reference : It's tested by technicist that Ace3DS PLUS ,Supercard DSTwo , R4i gold 3ds and R4isdhc 3ds RTS can perfectly work on 2DS.

The Best flashcart  to play 3DS Backup ROM: SKY3DS+, SKY3DS

Reference : Gateway 3DS , MT-card , R4i gold 3DS deluxe Edition  support online support and homebrew and  truly allow you to play 3DS games and mutilrom on 3DS/3DSXL v4.1.0-10-v4.5.0-10. Gateway 3DS is the first flashcard to support 3ds back up games and Mt-card is the first card to support mutilrom. all of them are great 3ds flashcard for your 3DS/3DSXL v4.1.0-10-v4.5.0-10.

The Cheapest DS Flashcart : Ace3DS PLUS

Reference : Ace3DS PLUS is another card from,this is the cheapest 3DS flashcart,which can perfectly compatibility 3DSV11.9.0-42 and DSi V1.45 without any updating !

The best flashcard to play DS Roms: Supercard DSTwo

Reference : There is no denying that the dstwo was regarded as the best slot_1 flashcart by most of players.(after all,it built-in powerful CPU, can emulate GBA and can provide more powerful function.)

The Popular Cards : R4i gold 3ds and R4isdhc 3ds RTS

Reference : These two cards can better represent R4i family.Both of these two cards can directly compatibility 3DS v11.9.0-42 and DSi V1.45.For r4i gold 3ds,it with a frequent firmware update to fix some bugs ,it always the first one card to bypas the block nintendo console firmware updating.For r4isdhc 3ds card,it supports wifi and anit-fake functions.

The Most Famous Card : AK2i

Reference : acekard 2i was the first one flashcard to support DSi console,the most noticable features of it lies in its famous AKAIO,which provides a powerful OS with many features,such as online cheat updating via WIFI,Support various AR cheat types, Wii Connectivity, Auto Anti-Piracy Routines, Save Slots and so on.

Q: Why do I need a flashable card ?

A : Nintendo will update console system which will block flashcarts, and flashcart manufactures do their own firmware upgrade to get their flashcarts unblocked. And firmware upgrade are done to flashable chips. If your card is not flashable, you can not use that card once your console gets system updated.

Q: Except the compatibility, What is most important to choose flashcart ?

A :Kernel is leading the first and there list out the most popular below : YSMenu, AKAIO, Wood R4, SuperCard

Q:Is there flashcart compatibility difference for consoles from different zones/region

A :No such difference. For example, if R4i SDHC 3DS card works fine on 3DS v11.9.0-42U, it can work on 3DSv11.9.0-42 U, v11.9.0-42E, v11.9.0-42A, 3DS  v11.9.0-42J. (U - American version, E - European, A - Asian, J - Japanese version)

Q: Is there anything that can play 3DS roms/game files ?

A :  Gateway 3DS , MT-card , R4i gold 3DS deluxe Edition support to play 3ds roms/game files. SKY3DS+ is the best 3ds flashcard,

Q: Can Nintendo brick 3DS systems if I use a flashcart on it ?

A :Up to now, no 3DS console has been bricked.

Q: How does the DS-Mode hack work ?

A :The hack works the same way DSi flashcarts work. The flashcart uses the header of a legit game to bypass the flash cart block.

Q: When will 3DS-Mode be hacked ?

A : The 3DS has had DS-Mode hacked within a day of its Japanese release. 3DS-Mode has been hacked by at prototype stage.

Q: What's the advantage of purchasing from ?

A : all of flashcart are 100% from official manufacture and we have tested every single flashcard before shipping out to assure you can receive the high quality card.What's more, we will do our best to better service all customers. From now on,we provide free DS games for Digitopz customers,Here is the game list for you. Just email us what games you want to get, we will reply you the download links in 24 hours, you can download them fast and safe.