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X360dock Module 2 Touch Screen Remote
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Model: x360dockremote
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1.Now x360dock module2 touch screen remote is in stock in digitopz and begin to sell.
2.We provide Perfect match for x360dock module 1 /x360dock module 2 + Touch Screen Remote as well,you can visit this link : X360dock Xbox 360 USB loader
3.We start selling Xbox external game hdd now, check it here: Xbox 360 game HDD with 57 games.
4. x360dock module2 firmware V3.0
5. X360dock Module 2 User Guide

X360dock Remote Description

This item is the touch screen remote for X360dock, as we know that x360dock module 1 has been released a dew weeks ago, you can use the module 1 to play games from your PC discs, some guys have already bought the module 1, and now the touch screen remote has been released .  With this touch screen remote, you can play games from your external hdd, you dont need the pc or laptop any more.

X360dock module 1 = X360dock board =Playing games from PC/Laptop

X360dock module 2 = X360dock board+Touch screen remote=Playing games from external hdd

x360dock module 1 + Touch Screen Remote = X360dock Module 2.

This page is only for X360dock touch screen remote which means it is only for customers who have bought the module 1 and want to add the remote to play games from external hdd. If you want to buy module 1 or module 2, please follow this link here: X360dock 

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