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Wii Bluetooth Wireless Remote and Nunchuck Nunchuk Controller
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Model: WIIC014
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This package is a great combination for you to play Wii games.We have four different colors for you to choose. Please choose your favourite color in the color option when you purchase.It is easy to use it, just connect the Nunchuck with Remote and enjoy the game fun.We promise all of the items are 100% working for your Wii , we don't sell fake items.


1.100% available for your Wii
2.Different colors for you to choose
3.Bring you a great experience in special games such as tennis game,driving game and other games
4.Very easy to use it

Tips about Nintendo Wii Remote, here is a guide on how to use the Wii controller

* Always wear the Wii wrist strap while playing.
* Keep a firm grip on the Wii Remote at all times.
* Make sure people and objects are out of the range of movement before play begins.

Other things to keep in mind include:

* Players should keep at least three feet from their televisions and should dry their hands if they become moist.
* Remember that the Wii Remote is responsive enough to detect minor movements - so excessive and forceful actions are not necessary.
* The motions made are similar to real-life sports games, but the force is not.
These tips complement efforts already underway:
* Nintendo has been replacing broken wrist straps for consumers who request them.
* Nintendo operates a toll-free number and a Web site for customers to request replacement wrist straps.
* All new Wii hardware shipments include new wrist straps and a safety sheet.
* Links about Wii safety are available on various Nintendo Web sites, including multiple links on, and the Nintendo World store Web site.
* Nintendo sent an e-mail message to members of the MyNintendo customer-loyalty program about Wii Remote safety. A similar message will be sent each week to consumers who register their new Wii systems at
* Games include on-screen advisories about proper wrist strap use.
* Nintendo includes an insert about Wii safety with all correspondence dealing with Wii product repairs and replacements.

In the coming weeks, Nintendo will:

* Send electronic messages to Internet-connected Wii systems to highlight key Wii safety points.
* Update the Wii operations manual and the manual for Wii Sports with additional wrist strap cautions and specific game advice.
* Update on-screen wrist strap advisories to include additional messaging.

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