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Three Colors 18 Mode Mod Wireless Rapid Fire Fast for Xbox 360 Controller
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Model: XBOXB002
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This Modchip can help you crush people in any game. All you have to do is to push the sync button to select what mode you want, and then pull the RIGTH TRIGGER like normal, with different rapid fire options including high-speed, medium-speed, low-speed, 3-round burst and so on, 4 player LED indicator and quick on/off. While one mode may work great with a certain game, it might be too fast or a bit slow for another. That's why we offer U 18 different modes rapid fire.
Press the sync button at the top of controller. The controller will cycle through the 18 modes of rapid fire. And it will correspond to a different game. The 18 modes are:
Mode 1- HALO 3 Fast(Right:10 SPS/Left:10 shots per second)
Mode 2- HALO 3 Fast(Right:12 SPS/Left:12 shots per second)
Mode 3- HALO 3 Fast(Right:14 SPS/Left:14 shots per second)
Mode 4- HALO 3 Fast(Right:16 SPS/Left:16 shots per second)
Mode 5- HALO 3 Fast(Right:18 SPS/Left:18 shots per second)
Mode 6- HALO 3 Rapid Fire(Right:20 SPS/Left:20 shots per second)
Mode 7- HALO 3 Rapid Fire(Right:25 SPS/Left:25 shots per second)
Mode 8- HALO 3 Very Quick(Right:30 SPS/Left:30 shots per second)
Mode 9-CoD4 Fast(Right:25 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 10-CoD4 Fast(Right:26 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 11-CoD4 Fast(Right:27 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 12-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:28 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 12-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:28 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 13-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:29 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 14-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:31 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 15-CoD4 Very Fast(Right:33 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 16-CoD4 Ultra Fast(Right:100 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 17-CoD4 Fast(Right:22 SPS/Left:OFF)
Mode 18-CoD5 Very Fast(Right:50 SPS/Left:OFF)
This controller has been designed specifically for Call of duty 4-5-6 "Modern Warfare 2" but works great for almost all first person shooters. Are 100% compatible with recent game patches. Online Compatible in CoD 4 & 5 MW2, GoW 1 & 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, and more and more……


Three colors to cater for your style
High quality and fashionable design
Compatable for xbox/xbox 360

How does the controller have rapid fire?

To use rapid fire: Press the sync button on the top of the controller - press it do not hold it This switches modes, there are three modes, for each mode the light on the front of the controller will blink to indicate which mode it is in.

How to install 18 Mode Mod Wireless Rapid Fire Fast for Xbox 360 Controller?

Install Requirements: Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutter, Exacto Knife, Hot Glue Gun and Torx Screwdriver for XBOX Controller.

Step 1: Remove serial number tag under battery compartment with exacto knife.  Remove 7 torx screws holding rear controller cover on.  Remove cover from controller.  Holding sides of PCB gently wiggle controller main board from housing.

Step 2: Bend pins on chip 90 degrees so they are flat on the same plain as chip.  Put some hot glue on mainboard right side below trigger as shown in photo below.  Glue chip to mainboard.  Wire chip according to schematics belonging to your install package.

Step 3: Complete wiring installation as shown on schematics.  Double check solder joints.  Glue wires in place using the four corners method.  Apply glue to exposed part of chip to secure wires and parts to chip in case of vibration or shock to controller.  Place mainboard back in controller and reassemble.  Check LEDs for functionality.  ENJOY!!!

Four corners method – When running wire on an Xbox controller you should route wires around mainboard from corner to corner.  Run your wire from outside of mainboard across any necessary areas making sure not to cover the round contact points for the buttons of the controller.  Tack ends and corners with a spot of hot glue to hold all wires in place.

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