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PSP 3000/1000/2000 Battery Outside Charger Stand
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Model: PSPD007
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This charger is suitable for PSP 3000/1000/2000.
There has a LED light on this product,the LED light is on after the battery is inserted and power is connected, but it does not last long before it turns into slowly blinking, e.g. 5-20 minutes. Under this scenario, the battery still keeps major power before charging, so it is fast to be fully charged.
If Red LED is on after battery is inserted, it indicates battery is recognized by charger. The Red LED is on before battery is fully charged, and will turn into Green after that.

How to use:
1. Put the PSP embedded battery into the charger and the cover back. Make sure battery is connected with the chargers output.
2. Pull the plug out and connect it to outlet of AC 110V – AC 220V. LED is on, indicating charging is in progress, if battery is deficient of power.
3. After battery is fully charged, the Red LED will turn into Green. Indicating charging is complete. The battery can be removed and inserted into machine to use.
4. Remove the plug from outlet after charging.

1. Charging time refer to original battery model 1200m A/H 6-7 hours duration.
2. Protection from over-charging: once the battery is charged to 4.25V, the circuit will be auto cut off in protection of battery from over-charging.


* Convenient and stable
* Easy operation with indicating lights
* Designed for charging battery of play station portable machine
* Compatible with wide range of voltage AC110 – AC 240V of normal power supply
* Natively designed for PSP 1000/2000/3000 embedded chargeable battery, prohibited from other battery


Weight: 130 gram
Input voltage: AC 100 – 240 V
Current to PSP battery: around 200mA

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