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PS3 Wireless Bluetooth Earhook Headset Headphone with USB Cable
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Model: PS3H001
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This Wireless Bluetooth Earhook Headset Headphone with USB Cable can use with all PS3 voice features including PlayStation 3 Home & in game chat ,its very light weight and easy to use.


  • Compatible with PlayStation 3 PS3 .
  • Light weight
  • Use with all PS3 voice features including PlayStation 3 Home & in game chat
  • Easy to use, just wear it over your ear .
  • Charge from USB port with included USB cable.
  • Specifications

    Weight : 125gram

    How to Connect PS3 Wireless Bluetooth USB Headset Headphone

    Step1 Power off your PlayStation 3 game console, connect the PS3 USB headphone to one of your PS3 USB connectors, anyone is ok(right or left ),it doesn’t matter .

    Step2 Power on the PS3, insert a game disc into the DVD blu-ray drive, Choose a game and login.

    Step3 Take a look at your PS3 controller, press the “O” button to login the menu browser. Press the down-arrow key to go to the “Settings” menu option, then press the “X” key.

    Step4 Switch the controller and find the “Accessory Settings” option, then press the “X” key. Use your controller and choose the “Audio Device Settings” menu option, then press the “X” key.

    Step5 Make sure the “Input Device” and “Output Device” display the name of your PS3 USB headset device. IF your PS3 can not detect your USB headset, please turn off the PS3 and restart the process.

    Step6 Test your headset, Speak into the headset microphone. Use the arrow keys and the “Microphone Level” option on the screen to change the sound level for the microphone volume is very easy to do it.

    Step7 Check your PS3 headphone, there is a volume control slider on the headset headband or there is a cable to adjust the volume of the headphones. If you want to return to the game menu, just Press the “O” button.Then everything is ok now, just check your PS3 and headset, now you can use the headset while playing games on your PS3.

    Warranty:Two Months

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