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PS3 HKS Racing Controller
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Model: PS3C016
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HKS Racing Controller is a high quality PS3 racing game accessory for ps3 players,it provides an exciting driving experience when you play racing games such as: Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, ModNation Racer and F1.Moreover, We promise our PS3 HKS Controller comes from official company which is the first performance manufacturer to work with a hardware developer  and designing this gaming controller,this great item will absolutely bring you a more realistic gaming experience.By the way,don't worry about how to use it , there is a specific user instruction manual tells you how to use it.


  • PRECISION CONTROL STEERING WHEEL : Pressurized racing wheel enables full rotational range for left and right turn control. Automatic re-centering racing wheel utilizes center indicator, enabling full tactile control while preserving driver on-road focus.

  • ANALOG PRESSURE ACCELERATION AND BRAKE PEDALS : Full range pressure sensors allow real world control over gas and brake pedals. Absolute control is necessary to execute the advanced heel-toe racing technique for drifting! Apply full throttle for and exiting corner turns!

  • DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGE: Light up numerical indicator displays your real-time pressure being applied to the accelerator and brake pedals. Dynamic digital readout incrementally displays pressure readout in every millisecond.

  • Precision Pressure Analog Steering

  • Steering and turn force control

  • Full access ration of applied analog pressure

  • Improves drifting ability

  • Fully programmable with macro program technology.Game can re-program action buttons for customized gameplay.

  • Full dual access to both left and right analog joystick

  • Remap GAS/BREAK pedal with single button configuration switch. One-touch switching between SQUARE/X and L2/R2 configurations

  • Supports button re-mapping and Macro functions.

  • Compatible with PlayStation 3 PS3 Racing games

  • Cool metallic red appearance with high quality
  • Specifications

    Weight : 400gram
    Platform : PS3

    Package Contents

    1. 1XHKS Racing Controller
    2. 1X USB cable
    3. Instruction Manual


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