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PEGA Wireless Sensor Charge Station with 1800mAh Ni-MH Battery
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Model: WIIB007
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The production adopts wireless charge design scheme which is specially designed for Wii control handle grip.It matched with controller silicon sleeve wrap,avoid the procreant quanilty of heat to scathe the controller surface when charging;past tranditional charging way adopt touch pole,contact is easy to oxidate and damp,and the spring is easy to fatique to lead poor contact,short lifetime,failure and so on defect;if adopt wireless to charging,above defect will be nothing and don't need to worry! It is more convenience and simpleness during using time!


1.The production adopts advanced assembled compensation technology and has small waveform and distortio.
2.Thr production adopts singlechip control thyristor,switch assembled process suitable compensation adjust,and realized speedness wireless adjust,and has a strong instantaneous load capacity.
3.Orthoscopy and no-instantance power cut phenomenon duing adjust voltage.
4.Singlechip control chage,charge capability stalilization,and the charging time about is 7 hours.
5.The normal working time of battery pack: more than 8 hours.

Eelectrical parameters

1.Input voltage:DC5V
2.Charging Sensor voltage:DC6V
3.Charging Current:45mA±5mA
4.Indication LED:No-load for green color;charging for red color;Saturation for green color.
5.Battery Pack Capacity: 1800mAh.


1.In order to aviod arosing the battery to expliode,please put the production far away the high temperature place to stock and don't cast it into fire.
2.In order to avoid making the the production into broken,please don't exceed the limited voltage 3V when input current.
3.Forbid throw small or like such all badness action to shatter the production.
4.Non-professional don't dismantle and repair the production.
5.It will prolong the using time if proper use the production.

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