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Payment Methods

Dear customer,

Welcome to Digitopz ! We currently accept payment via Visa card,Western Union and TT. Pre-credit card or Discover card is not available . Order paid by Pre-credit card or Discover card are subject to cancellation without prior notice. if you are interested in products on our website,feel free to complete the order with the payment method below :

  1. Credit Card(Visa card)
  2. Western Union / TT

 Note :

1. If you want to pay by /Western Union/Bank Transfer , please contact us to ask for our account info, our after sales customer service will help you to complete the order. 

2. If you send the payment with visa credit card, there might be an additional fee(about 3% of total amount which you should pay). The additional fee will not received by us. This part of charge is normal and can not be avoided. Because the margin fees is received by Bank. Here are the three reasons for this problem and if you can understand it, we will really appreciated it.  

Firstly, it will take the Cross-border royalties between Credit card issuing organization and Bank .

Secondly, the floating of exchange rate.

Finally, the currency exchange.

Wish you have a nice purchasing experience.