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Ikeyboard touch type on the iPad 2
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This Ipad 2 iKeyboard  is mainly designed for the Ipad 2.It is an great ipad accessories which will enhace ipad player's  game experience.This ikeypad is basically an overlay that rests on the virtual keyboard,with it the ipad users will more easier to touch-type,what's more they do not need to look down the keyboard when send messages.

We know the one drawback of a tablet computer—the impossibility of touch-typing on its virtual keyboard, a virtual keyboard is an image of a keyboard that is displayed on a tablet's touch-screen, it deprives you of the positioning cues and tactile feedback. Consequently, iKeyboard was born, its keys travel a distance equal to that of iPad2 keys, and It will be easy and fast to deploy and remove. The iKeyboard will greatly improve accuracy and typing speed, letting tablet users do real writing.

This ikeypad for ipad 2 is always free shipping all over the world.Wanna choose other iphone/ipad accessories ? Please come digitopz iphone/ipad accessories


 - No More Hunt & Peck Typing
- Increase typing speed and reduce error rates
- Perfect combination for iPad2
- Silicon material, soft hand feeling, easy place

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