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Fulljoin PPS006 DAB/DAB+FM RDS Digital Radio+MP3 Player
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Model: Radio005
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1.The digital radio with DAB,DAB+,FM and MP3 functions is available now.

2.This item is free shipping and sent by registered airmail,usually you can receive it in about 10-12 working days!

3.Remember to contact us as long as you have any questions about this item or other things.

What does DAB Stand for ?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and it is the third-generation broadcasting system after AM and FM analogue broadcasting.This new transmission system has great anti-interference performance qualities,and can eliminate noise and distortion during the transmission process,automatically correcting errors,can also be amended which leads it to provide near CD-quality sound.  

What does DAB+ Stand for ?

DAB+ is the updated version of the DAB standard and used in Australia, Europe, Canada, and many more places. This new standard is approximately twice as efficient as DAB due to the adoption of the AAC+ audio codec, which leads to much better sound at a lower bit rate.

What is FM Radio and MP3 player?

The older FM radio system is still popular and used throughout the world. Just press a few buttons and tune in to the local stations to see what they have to offer.

MP3 Player: Connect this Pocket Digital Radio to your computer via USB and upload songs directly! You can also keep songs inside a micro SD card and the built-in MP3 player will play it flawlessly.


DAB and DAB+ Region

You can select an appropriate region, the regions are: China, Korea, UK and Europe. Different regions with the corresponding range:
China band: 176.72-213.856MHz
Korea band: 175.28-214.736MHz
UK band: 218.640-229.072MHz
European/Australia band: 174.928-239.200MHz
Notice: Australian customers should go to the European band to receive the DAB or DAB+ service.


1.Pocket Digital Radio with Audio Recording
2.Four audio sources: MP3, FM radio, DAB, DAB+
3.Pocket-sized portable
4.Auto program search


FM : 87.50 to 108.00MHz and 76.00 to 90.00MHz
The highest operate:3,000m
Including 4 region: China,Korea,Europe,UK.
China band:176.72-213.856MHz
Korea band :175.28-214.736MHz
European/Australia band:174.928-239.200MHz
Attention: The customers in Australia must go to the European band to receice the DAB service.
UK band :218.640-229.072MHz

Package Content:

1. Fulljoin PPS006 radio in storage box
2. USB 2.0 cable
3. Soft antenna
4. English manual

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