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EZVi (EZ-Flash Vi) Standard Edition for Nintendo DSi
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Why buy EZFlash VI Standard Edition from digitopz ?

We have tested every single flashcard before ship out to make sure you can receive the high quality card!

All the cards have been pre-flashed and ready to use,no flashing is necessary!

We are official distributor , all the flashcards are origianlly from official team!


1.3DS Firmware has been updated to V4.1.0-8,EZFlash Vi can work well on it .
2. EZFlash Vi Flashcart can directly work on DSi V1.44.
3.You can buy EZFlash 3 in 1 Expansion Pack from here : EZFlash 3 in 1
4.This item is free shipping worldwide, you can receive the tracking number in 24 hours! 
5.You can find other 3DS flashcards from here: 3DS flashcard!
6.Wanna choose a 3DS accessary? Please come here: 3DS Accessary


1.You can download latest firmware V3.0 ob8 here : EZflash VI Kernel V3.0 ob8 .

2.You can buy EZFlasher Simple Edition as well.


EZ-Flash Vi comes with two types,one is Simple Edition,the other one is Standard Edition .Not only does it have an advanced PDA like interface and easy to use software,but also can work on all DS systems from the Fat NDS to the new DSi. To this day, across the world, EZ-Flash cards are being chosen over the competition for their reliability, performance, and ease of use. You can focus on playing games without worrying anything else.Now,it can work well on 3DS V4.1.0-8 as well as DSi V1.44 perfectly.


  • Easy to Use
  • Plug and play, no more passme
  • Drag and play, no more convert software
  • Easy to manage. support copy and delete
  • Easy to link. support GBA/DS game linker, support single card download play.
  • Stable, Compatible
  • NOPASS technology, no need to modify DS console, no harm to the console,keeps console warrant.
  • Side plugin, prevent the MicroSD/SDHC suddenly drop, looks like original card
  • Support official Slot2 expansion device
  • Softreset reduces the damage to the power switch
  • Support MicroSD/SDHC, high capacity, high speed, no speed drop.
  • Direct save to MicroSD/SDHC, no more save loss.
  • MultiMedia
  • Vdeo player, support DPG 1.0 and 2.0
  • Music play, support mp3, wav, mod
  • Text reading, bookmark support
  • Picture viewing, support jpg, bmp,png

Package Content

1 x EZ-Flash Vi cartridge
1 x microSD reader
1 x retractable touch pen
1 x thumb touch pen

Flashcart Price For
For DSi


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yawn 4 of 5 Stars Date Added: 12/25/2009
support!I'm planing to buy more one !

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by yawn
Date Added: 12/25/2009
support!I'm planing to buy more one !

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