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EchoRoamer-Transform your iphone's musics,photos,video,games and apps to the TV
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EchoRoamer is a wireless AV transmitter that allows you to transform your iphone's musics, photos, video, games and apps to the TV. It supports nearly all series of iPhone devices. including iPhone 4G/4GS. With the wireless technology of EchoRoamer, you can connect your Apple's idevice to tv and then enjoy the internet tv, such as Youtube, etc. You can also share your iPhone photo/video to the TV with EchoRoamer. It is a cool item that definitely make your iphone life more interesting.

EchoRoamer wiring diagram

EchoRoamer Insatllation

Step1: Connect your USB output power supply to the EchoRoamer receiver's Mini-USB input power supply with the USB cable.

Step2: Connect the TV to receiver with the AV cable.

Step3: Put your phone in the EchoRoamer, switch to the media mode, the sender will start working.

Step4: Set up your TV to AV AV input mode.

Step5: Congratulations. you have finished the installation and enjou your fun.

EchoRoamer user guide

It is very easy to use the EchoRoamer, just switch your EchoRoamer to the correct mode after fully charged. At present, the Battery Capacity of EchoRoamer is 1000mAh, in order to save the electricity, we strongly recommend users to turn off the media mode when you don't use the media functions. Because EchoRoamer uses the wireless technology during the transmission, it can be effected by the electromagnetic interference, if you want to get the best game experience, please try best to avoid wireless interference around the receiver, such as the Wifi router.

You can transfer your pics, music, video, document and some games which suopport TV-OUT without jailbreaking your iPhone, but you can not transfer them to the TV without jailbreaking. If your iphone has been jailbroken, Just install the "DISPLAYOUT/TVOUT" software, then you can transfer the full screen of the pics, videos and any apps to your TV screen.

Difference between jailbreak and non-jailbreak

For users who did not jailbreak follow the basic definitions and rules of Apple's official TV output, need for software native support for TV output ,then can spread to the TV above, the device comes with pictures, music, video, YouTube, etc. to support TV output.

For "jailbreak" users, they can be supported by installing the software of the TV image output.Such as Displayout or Tvout2 Mirror TVOut,these softwares can be easily got, after eacaping comes with these two software,just need to install one of them,though Displayout belong to the billing software,it cannot be purchased at home, adding Wei Feng source or Central Plains network source, download to crack the Chinese version. Please use the search tool on the use of software, ask google.

Installation tutorial for non-jailbreak Users

Play vedio or movie

  1. For iphone users, click the iPod icon on the screen, then click the video you want to play from the list of total
  2. For ipad or ipod touch users, click the vedio icon on the screen, click the video player
  3. The video will appear immediately on TV

View photos

Click the picture icon,enter into the album,you must view photos as a slideshow. Then the photos will spread to the TV screen.

  1. For iphone or ipod touch users,after entering into the album, click belowing play icon to start the slide show
  2. For ipad users,click on the top right of the slide show icon


  1. Install Presentation software to support TV-out functionality,such as Keynote or GoodReader
  2. Screen to open software
  3. Part of the presentation software need to confirm the networking ,and transfer document for mobile devices according to the instuctions of software steps.
  4. After completion of the document output, click the Play icon, the document is displayed on the TV

View website

Need to browse through a browser that supports TV output,such as,Webout,Webking,Mercury. These can be purchased in Appstore.


The games need to support TV output,such as realracing. View Forum Posts to find out the other games that support TV output.

Output other applications

Not all programs support the output capabilities of the Apple devices.After confirming programs support,click applications,those will appear on the screen Attachment: download software to support TV output from the official website .

"Jailbreak"users’ installation tutorial

If “jailbreak” users have not installed TVOut2 Mirror TVOut or displayout,they still can Install “No jailbreak” to play. The purpose of “Jailbreak” is to install software ,such as Displayout or the Tvout2 Mirror TVOut,to support TV mirror output.After installing these software,it can be used easily. Pictures in TV screen is the same as equipment’s,and it breaks limitations of programmes that cannot support TV output.Games can transferred to TV.

Now we will introduce the installation of TVOut2 Mirror TVOut.

TVOut2 Mirror TVOut Installation:

Click the Cydia icon


After entering it,click the searching menu


Input Tvo words in the search bar, you will see list of TVout2 Mirror TVOut software,

Click it,enter the software installation page.


Click installation,confirm,then starting to download



Wait for completing software download,then click restart SpringBoard


After restarting,enter the mainmenu to find the TVoutTuner


Entering software interface,click on the tv on button.When tv on button turns green,

it means this feature opens.After connected, you can mirror the entire interface to the TV.

For the the iPad2 user of this software problems, The new version hasn’t solved this problem. Please install billing software: Displayout,.or waiting for software updating to see whether it has been solved.

You can turn off this software anytime.According to “No jailbreak”using method,some users may wonder no one will play as “No jailbreak” after installing the software.But actually,the play mode of “No jailbreak” can have a benefit for some games or some time when you view vedio.If you want to kown more about it,please look at other forums.Don’t want to make this content too complicated.

After installing the software,it will be very easy to use. Line connected, you can plug and play.

Without any settings, and applications can be transmitted to your TV. For users who can not jailbreak or do not want to jailbreak,still can play as the method described above.Maybe some games and programs cannot be transmitted to TV.

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