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Dance pad for Wii/XBOX/PS2
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Model: WIIA007
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Nintendo Wii Dance Pad is a great item for you to play Dance Dance Revolution games,it brings you the fun and excitementduring the gaming.It includes dance performance and four piece of stick paper which also available for PS2, Xbox, and PC USB.


# Fully-equipped digital controller
# Thick heavy-duty padding
# Exclusive swing-down rear and side openings for accessing Wii's rear and side ports
# Reinforced case walls and padded inner lining
# Excessively sturdy carrying handle


Direct power from game console.
Cable length: 1.5m
Weight: 1kg
Size: 90 x 80cm

How to Connect a Wii Dance Pad

1.Turn on the console. Press the power button, which is glowing orange in standby mode. Wait for the button to flare to bright green.
2.Insert the disc with the title side facing the top of your Wii. If you have the Wii connected to an upright stand, place the game into the disc slot with the title side facing to the left. When the game appears on the screen, and choose it with the wireless Wii controller.
3.Connect a wired dance pad: Connect the wire from the dance mat to one of the four Gamecube controller slots, located under a panel-style door on the left side of the Wii. If the Wii is in an upright stand, then the controller slots will be on top of the Wii. Note there are two panels with one featuring two long slots and the other with four short slots, which are for Gamecube controllers.


When using a wired mat, which is the most common type on the market, leave some slack in the wire leading from the mat to the console. A tight wire could lead to the console being pulled and jerked and, ultimately, damaging it.

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