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Crown3ds flashcard---Playing 3DS games on nintendo 3DS
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Model: Crown3ds
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There is no price, no pic or no exactly info about this item because we didn't get them from the official team, so we can't provide these info for you either,currently we even can not accept pre-order because we dont know how much it sells. we will accept pre-order until we confirm the price and timing. Just waiting for more update news and hope it comes out ASAP, the only thing we can make sure is this team exists and we will sell this item.

Notice: As you know that this item hasn't officially lauched yet, we have contacted the official team and got the reply that we will receive the first stock as soon as they release it( Leave your contact email and message here, we will send you the latest news of this item from time to time.Of course we will update the news more frquently in this page!

If you want to buy a regular flashcard first,please come here:3DS flashcart when Crown3ds comes out, you will receive a discount code and more free gifts in case you also want to buy a crown3ds at that time. 

Crown3ds flashcard News

1. Crown3ds team released the video that Crown3ds is running 3DS game splinter cell3d on a V2.1.0-4 3DS.
2. Crown3ds official site is online
3. This item is still working in progress.

Crown3ds Description

Crown3ds is a new 3DS flashcard released by crown team. It is the world's first real 3DS flashcard which can run 3DS games on your nintendo 3DS. With crown3ds card, you can hack your 3DS easily and then play 3DS games on your nintendo 3ds.

Until now, this item is still working progress,the official team is working hard to dump more games and do more is the quote from them


"Crown3DS released!

After several months' development and testing,we are glad to announce that we have created the world's first real 3DS flashcard--Crown3DS.

We did the test and confirmed that Crown3DS was running 3DS games successfully on a V2.1.0-4 3DS console(video below). This is a great progress,and now we are trying to dump more 3DS games and do more tests, we will fix all the bugs and make sure it is working stable and compatible with all the 3DS games.

This YouTube video is showing Crown3DS running the 3DS game--splinter cell3d.3ds, the capability of this game is 512MB.

Until now,crown3ds can not run all of the 3DS games because of some tech problems, so our next plan is to dump more 3DS games to enhance the Crown3DS game compatibility.“


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