The Important information when you use Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1

New sky3ds3

We all konw that the SKY3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1 adds some new functions. It added two sections in main menu and the Down to Reserve/Up to Positive menu, which you can change the games’ orders as you like.

But when you change the orders as you want,  you need to move  all games to section#1 by selecting the games to right-click with option “Up to Positive” in section#2. Then you can play the all games.If you leave one game in section#2, this game will not shows in your console and you can not play this game.

For example: We have written three games and after change the orders, we just put two games in section#1 and leaves one games in section#2. And then there only two games in  section#1 can shows and the game in section#2 cannot show in the console.








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