Which flashcard can work well on 3DSV7.0.0-13?

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Nintendo has just updated it firmware to 7.0.0-13. after this update, 3DS7.0.0-13 firmware offers us a extra nice service which is miiverse . this service allows to enjoy wonderful features for players. it’s really a great news for us . but most of flashcards has been bloacked by this update at the moment. so pls do not update your 3DS until you are sure that your card can work well on it.

照片 004

照片 006So Which flashcard can directly work well on 3DSV7.0.0-13?
Accoring to mutil test from technicist and most of players ,it’s finally proved that R4i gold 3DS and Ace3ds plus can directly work well on 3DSV7.0.0-13, no any updating or patch needed!

R4i gold 3DS never discpoint us and it always update so quickily, so the result that it can work well on the latest version of 3DS is not surprised.

R4i gold 3DS Christmas packingAce3ds plus shows us its power again.cheap price ,nice feature , great compatibility ,and quick update prove once again that it’s a great card and worthy to own it.

aafaWe do believe other flashcard will also break 3DSV7.0.0-13 soon. if there is any latest news, we will update it at the first itme.

Now just one day after r4i gold 3ds , Supercard DSTWO ,R4i sdhc 3DS RTS, R4i-gold pro, r4i dural core card and r4i sliver card has released news that all of them can directly work well on 3DSV7.0.0-13.