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This is the official review from Digitopz site, all of the items which we used in this review are from Digitopz,mainly designed to help our customers to use the PS3 break V1.2! We will make more and more official review in the later time. If you have any questions about our item, pleae email to :

How to install PS3 break V1.2 , how to use PS3 break V1.2 to do the jailbreak, how to play PS3 games from external game hdd,this post will tell you step by step!

PS3 break V1.2

The latest version of the PS3 break is PS3 break V1.2,and the latest firmware is V1.71.

First, let's take a look at the package box.

1. Package outside:

2. Open the box:


How to check the PS3 break you get is ture or false :

when you get the package, the first thing you need to do is to check the package and take out the PS3 break V1.2 ,look at the picture2 above,there is a "TRUTH INQUIRY" series number,find your own verification code in your PS3 break(use your finger or coin scrape the cover, then you will see the series numbers). As you` can see in the picture, my number is "16800 31804 94858 21602" , after you get the numbers, login in the PS3 break official site here: and fill the numbers in the right place.

if your PS3 break comes from PS3 break official team and the item you get is the new nunused,you will see the info below in the site :


if your PS3 break is a fake or you buy from the untrustworthy site, you will see:

Notice , as you can see from the picture, one set of numbers can only be used for checking one time, the second time you use it to re-check , you will get the info below. So this is a very easy method to check the item you buy is true or false. If you find you don't get the authentic product, please contact the site where you buy from , ask them to change a new one for you, they should do it.

How to update the firmware of your PS3 break.

After you check your PS3 break , the next step is to update the firmware of your PS3 break. Here are the steps for you.

1. Check the PS3 official site, find out what is the latest version of your PS3 break , from here : we know the latest firmware of PS3 break V1.2 is V1.71,you can download it here : PS3Break Firmware1.71

You will get this copy this "mHex" file to a USB empty stick. Notice, to a empty USB drive,you can format your USB before put the file.

2. Download Ps3break_tools, the name in the site is VC Runtime Environement Package (2010.11.04), including two files: dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe and vcredist_x86.exe .you can download them directly click here : VC Runtime Environement Package(Ps3break_tools)

You will get this

then install the two "exe" files.

3. Download PS3Break Loader, you can download here : PS3Break Loader v1.1.rar

You will get this

After you install the 2 files of step two , you can run this PS3Break Loader

Run the PS3Break Loader

Change the language

connect your PS3 break V1.2 to computer

choose then click find this click

Congratulations, after this step,you have updated the PS3 break to the latest firmware. when the new firmware comes out in future,you can do those steps again to update, very easy.

How to upgrade PS3 system to V3.41 ?



1. Create a folder named "PS3 "on a empty USB flash drive, open the folder, and then create another new folder named "UPDATE" in the "PS3" root folder.
2. Download the update files here : UPDATE file , the file name is "PS3UPDAT.PUP" save it in the "UPDATE" folder which created in step one. so it is " USB drive—–PS3——UPDATE"
Notice : please follow the steps strictly, the file name the file position must be correct.
3.Turn on your PS3 console,connect the USB flash drive which contains the "PS3UPDAT.PUP" file to the PS3 USB Interface.
4. XMBtm menu—–(settings)——(system update)—–(Update via Storage Media)

How to use the PS3 break to jailbreak your PS3

Items i use:

1. Slim PS3 (system V3.41) 120G

2. PS3 break V1.2 from digitopz

3.A USB flash drive

4.PS3 game hdd with 128 games from digitopz

Before you do the jailbreak , you should click here to download the backup manager and save it to the root of the empty USB flash drive.

Everything is ready, let's get it started!

Step1: Cut off the power of the PS3,if your PS3 is fat , there is a power button behind , just power-off. If your PS3 is slim and you have a switch(please look at the picture), just use the switch to make the power cut off. If your slim don't have the switch, just unplug the socket of PS3. Anyway, all these things is to make sure the PS3 power button lamp is dead(off,black).Just look at the picture, you will understand everything.

Step2: Connect the PS3 break v1.2 to the PS3 USB interface(anyone is ok)

Notice , the power is still cut off .

Step3 :Press the switch button to the left , then the PS3 power button is on(red)

Step4: Pree the PS3 power button and then press the blu-ray Eject button, Actually don't need to do it at the same time, so don't need to be in a rush.After you do it, The PS3 power button and Eject button will be light(from red to blue) at the same time , the PS3 break lamp is blinking for about 5 seconds , then it stops blinking and stay light (blue), After this step ,congratulations, you jailbreak it successfully!LOL If you fail,means you mistake some of the steps, please follow the steps in order strictly.

There are two things need to notice:

1. Make sure all of the power is cut off before you press the switch!

2. There are two USB connectors, make sure one is for PS3 break , the other is empty when you do the jailbreak.

Step5: Install the back up manager..

After you jailbreak it,connect your USB flash drive (which contains the Back Up manager file) to the another PS3 USB connector.

Then choose the "game" in XMB and then there is a "Install Package files", just click it and install the back up manager.

Notice: Don't pull out the PS3 break as long as you use it to play games from internal or external hdd.

Step6: Find a game to play!

XMB—-backup manager–gamelist

I have 5 games on my PS3 internal game hdd

Run NBA 2k10

Source: PS3 break
PS3 break official site
PS3 break files download site

Just do it step by step ,after you try it, you will find it is very easy! Good luck!

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