New CIA Converter- CIAKonPack With Sky3ds for New3DS


Previously we have introduced the tutorial of CIAKonPack  with gateway3ds for O3DS. And the converter has been applied to New3DS, and we will talk about the new way with Sky3ds on New3DS.


NEW 3DS console(V9.0-9.2)
One Micro SD cards
3DS/N3DS SD card
Cubic Ninja
Some roms

1. Please download the “ ”  and then unzip it,copy some 3DS ROMs you want to convert to the file”roms”5.30.1
2. Select all the 3DS files in the file”roms” and drag it to, wait a few seconds, it will generate “NCCHINFO.bin” file, copy the file to the “sdcard” directory ( not your SD card)5.30.2
3.Copy all the files in “NINJHAX” to your NEW3DS sd card.5.30.3
4. Copy all the files in”sdcard”your NEW3DS sd card and your sdcard shouls shows like the following picture:5.30.4
5. Insert the sky3ds with Cubic Ninja and NEW3DS sd card  to your console,
Turn on your NEW3DS and wifi, and then Run the Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →QR Code の読取, you can scan the QR Code(, the OR code should be conpatible for your new 3ds version )
After the scanning, it will go to the CFW as the pictures show. 5.30.8
6. Select”Decrypt9″  and press”A”, when the process succeed, Press”start” ro reboot to home.
7. Remove your NEW3DS sd card and connect to your PC, you will find some”.xorpad” files, a nd copy the files to the file”xorpads”5.30.11
8.Double click”” and the window will start. Once  finished, you will get the CIA files on the “roms” directory.5.30.12

Tutorial of CIAKonPack-New CIA Converter For O3DS

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