Instruction of Sky3ds Real Time Save.

New sky3ds

Different  from the normal save when users switch games, one tool- Sky3DSc Tools V1.10 can make the ROM written in Sky3ds real time save, which means game save data will be backup during you play games. And Sky3DSc tools will avoid damage or lost upon game save data.

The Sky3DSc Tools V1.10 is a program which can convert the ROM  and change the template.txt  to make the ROM  shows “NO”in EEPROM. And there is the instruation:

1. Download the “Sky3DScTool_v110_CN_EN.exe” and run it.

2. You can click the “Temp” to choose the Latest template file you download from  sky3ds official site.


3. Then click the “ROM” to select the the roms you need to convert.


4. Click “Conversion(G)” to convert it.

5. Afer import  ROMs , the program will read and calculated to generate information about the ROM. Just click “OK”.

6. Click “Apply to Template(x)”, which will complete the modification of template file automatically.

7. pls close the program since the conversion is completed, and then you can write games with Diskwriter2.02 and enjoy the games.

Noting: a. The Sk3ds must support the games you want to convert.
b. If  you replace the conveted-template file with a new one, the real time save will not work in sky3ds. And you need to follow the instruction in step2,6 and 7.

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