If the backup of Gateway 3DS is universal to MT-card?

Until now, the most popular 3ds flashcarts are gateway 3ds and MT-card. MultiROM and NAND backup are supported. the blue card also can be used to play NDS games. most of players have both of gateway 3ds and MT-card in hand to play 3DS back up, so if the backup of Gateway 3DS is universal to Mt-card?


According to test and survey, the back up of Gateway 3ds is universal to MT-card, including the NDS back up and 3DS back up. when you played 3DS game and save the data on gateway 3ds, then you want to change to MT-card to play games,  just copy your save data to the same game in Mt-card will be ok. now, you can continue to enjoy your game and set new records.

Actually, there is nothing big difference between gateway 3ds and MT-card, gateway 3ds is the first card to support 3ds game, Mt-card is the first card to play 3ds mutilrom. Both of two cards are great flashcart and have their own technical support. only if you have a nintendo 3dsV4.1.0-4.5.0, you can choose to buy gateway 3ds or MT-card. in the market, Mt-card is much cheaper than Gateway 3ds,only $69.9usd dollars. if you want to buy a cheaper than, Mt-card is your best choice. when you place the order for Mt-card, remember to buy MT-card from authentic official reseller to make sure you can receive high quality card.

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