How to update your R4i gold 3DS for 3DSV7.1.0-16?

Nintendo 3DS relaesed 3DS firmware Version 7.1.0-16U today. Version 7.1.0-16U is now available for download now . through this update, Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.  it seems that this new 3ds firmware didn’t block the flashcart, all 3ds flashcards are fine to support this new update. according to our test, R4i gold 3DS can directly work well on new firmware 3DSV7.1.0-16,no any updating needed!

So how to update your r4 card wood r4i gold 3ds?

If you ever bought a r4i gold 3ds which can directly work on 3DsV7..-0.0. from our website, pls don’t worry about can directly use your r4i gold 3DS on 3DSV7.1.0-16, no any updating needed.If you are interested in r4 card and  going to buy a new r4i gold 3DS for your 3ds console. just go head! the card from us  is fine to work on 3DSV7.1.0-16.

If you have a old version card ,but your 3DS has been updated to 3DSV7.1.0-16 before your r4i gold card is confirmed to work well on 3DS latest verison. just follow the below procedure to do the update.

1. Format your SD card, Download the latest kernel WOOD R4 V1.64 into your SD card from r4i gold 3ds official site.

2. Unzip the kernel ,put all files into the root directory of your SD card.


r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition


3. Downaload r4i gold 3ds update patch ,Extract it ,put all files into the root directory of your SD card.


If you are using a DS lite to do the update, so pls copy this one “R4iGold_3DS45_NDSi145_Patch_NDSL.nds”  to the root of the sd card. if you use a DSi or 3DS to do the update, just use the other one named “R4iGold_3DS45_NDSi145_Patch_NDSi.nds” .complete the update according to the guidence of the console. after the 100% updating, then your r4i gold 3ds can work perfectly on 3DSV7.1.0-16.

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