How to Fix r4i gold 3DS ?

Some of us will came across this kind of problem ,such as :”menue ?” “there is no card instered “,” Black screen “, “erro ” and other questions. today, we will suggest the solutions here.

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The screen show like this : menu? .That means there is no kernel or you have downloaded the wrong kernel. or there is some wrong about the SD card. so what you need to you is to find the right kernel from official website. then you should check your SD card see if there is any problem in it. if it is ok, just go on. Donwloading the right kernel from official website ,unzip it, then put all files into the root directory of your SD card. that’s really important. then you can have a try, all will run well now.

If you have completed the procedure above correctly , the screen still shows error occurs .This means your card need updating. The problem will shows on 2 consoles,  DSi and 3DS. if you have a r4i gold 3ds with old version,then you can start to update it now:

1.Download the update package and unzip it.
2.Put the .nds file into the root of sd card.
3.Put the latest kernel into the root of sd card.
4.Put the sd into r4i gold 3ds, put r4i gold 3ds into the ds. Power on.
5.Start the “update”, and it will update by itself. Do not do any operate when it updating. Make sure the power is full and not power off during the updating.

When it become 100%, reboot the console. Then the icon will change. And the card can support 3DSV7.1.0-16 and DSi newest version perfectly.

If the card shows white screen or freeze, maybe you need to fix it according to the following instructions:

Beofre that, you need to prepare those things :

1.NDS/NDSL Console

2.Another flashcard(DSTwo,Acekard 2i plus  and so on)

3.TF Card

Recovery Steps :

Here i will take buy Acekard 2i for example

1.Download Acekard 2i lastest kernel,unzip it,and put the kernel file into the root of TF Card.

2.Download R4i gold patch for N3DS(if you don’t use r4i gold,download  non-3DS Update Patch,if you choose r4i gold 3ds,please download 3ds update patch),unzip it and copy 3DS20_Patch_R4iGold_Non3DS_NDSL.nds to your tf card too.

3.Just power your NDSL on and boot up 3DS20_Patch_R4iGold_Non3DS_NDSL.nds . operqate it according to the instruction. will promt you to reject acekard 2i ,Take  Acekard 2i out of the NDSL

5.insert your R4ids Gold 3DS(the one you fail to flash) into the NDSL

6.Press KEY_A and the updating process will begin

7.You should keep your NDSL powered on during the updating process

8.IF the result shows SUCCESS,it will become 100%, reboot the console. it means you have updated your R4ids Gold with success  .

If it is still no card instered, there are two points can explain . one is the card is a bad card, the other something wrong happened during the updating. If your console is power off during the updating, the card will be damaged and can’t be recognized anymore or become white screen to freezing! then you need to update it again .

You can try several times, or you can try another formatted SD card .hope this solutions can help you well ! Thanks !

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