How to change R4i gold 3DS skin on 3DSV7.1.0-16?

As we all know that R4i gold 3ds is a popular 3ds flashcard for Nintendo DSL,DSi and 3DS/XL/LL. It is a high compatibility product with low price.This card has some nice features such as good homebrew compatibility,has cheat support, support clean ROMs. Wood firmware is also skinnable, you can use hundreds of skins by yourself. today we will present how to change R4i gold 3DS skin on 3DSV7.1.0-16? of course, the method also apply to DSL and DSi.

We will devide into two parts to show how change the skin of r4i gold 3ds. one is change the skin of the card itself, no need to download another skin. another is to download the skin you like from official website.

First of all,let’s see the simpler method-change the skin of the card itself.

Step1:Downalod the r4i gold 3ds latest kernel form officail website, unzip it and put all files into the root directory of SD card. insert your r4 card into 3DSV7.1.0-16, power the console. then you will enter into this familiar interface:


Step2: After entering this interface, click “start”,it will show up the menue,choose the “setting” .

2Step3: Press “A”, it will comes into this interface. We can see from the below picture that the current skin of r4i gold 3ds is r4ds

3Step4: Press the up and down key to choose the your favorite skin in r4i gold 3ds such as Zelad.Press “A” to confirm. then it will pop out this hint:


Choose “OK”,it will continue need you to confirm again when you saw this hint:

7Well,just wait a few seconds, the console will reload again and chang into the skin you have choosed.8Refer to the above precedures, you can change another skin you like in the r4i gold’s really easy to do it. but if you are interested in other skins which you find it in official website but not the default skin. such as “The Legend of Qin2 ” How do you change the skin for your r4i gold 3ds?

Step1: Download the skin  from r4ids official site, extact the RAR file, you will get the skin folder, for example, a skin folder named “The Legend of Qin2”,

1_副本Step2: Download the wood firmware, extract it and you will get the wood firmware folder, for example, the latest is “Wood_R4iGold_V1.64”, then just put the “The Legend of Qin2” folder in the “Wood_R4iGold_V1.64”,then ——“rpg” folder —–“ui” folder.

3_副本Notice: Make sure put the “The Legend of Qin2″ folder in the” UI” folder, do not noly copy the files in the UI folder.

Step3: Then the following method is just the same as above procedure. power the console,click the “start”-“setting” ,choose the “The Legend of Qin2″ and confirm. Then you will find that the skin changed into what you wish.”The Legend of Qin2”

0 Well, the two methods of changing the skin of r4i gold 3ds has been presented clearly. if there is any questions or doubts about this,feel free to contact us.we will try our best to help you. if you wanna to buy r4i gold 3ds,welcome to authentic reseller Digitopz.


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