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Ace3ds Description

ACE3DS is a new 3ds flashcard released by ace3ds team.It works great on DS/DSi/3DS with its own firmware.You can use it to run on your DSi V1.43 and 3DS V2.1.0-3 directly,no need to update when you get this card. Ace3ds flashcard is also the cheapest 3DS flashcard in the world! 

Here is a simple review about this item,i have tested it and can prove Ace3ds flashcart is working on both 3DS and DSi latest firmware without any updated.

First,let's have a look at this ace3ds package :

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Item basic infor

official website :

Compatibility Platform : all models of nintendo handheld

Releaser :

How to setup its firmware :

prepared things :

1. A ace3ds flashcard

2.a card reader and a TF Card.

3.a handheld.(i will take 3ds console for example)

Install Steps :

1.Download the ace3ds kernel in its official .

2.Unzip it and put the root file into your TF card and then boot your console.

i will test it on my 3DS V2.1.0_3,if you have seen the icons like following pics after you booted your console,then congratulations,that's to say,it can compatibility 3ds latest firmware :


then click key "A" ,enter the ACE3DS menu,like this screeshot :

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Then Click Game " Mario iCons",you will enter the game menu and now have a good time with your games :

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In all,the whole test process is very smoothly and it works well on my 3ds newest firmware.ACE3DS is also a 3DS Card that support pluging it and playing can test it yourselves.

Above is the test how it work on 3DS V2.1.0_3,following video is a show how it works on DSi v1.4.3( Chinese v1.4.4)


Comparison with other flashcart

Commons :

1. Just like Supercard dstwo ,ismart MM,r4i gold 3ds as well as cyclods card,it can support 3DS V2.1.0_3 and DSi v1.4.3 too.More clearly to say,it was the second card at present that can support dsi v1.4.3 without any update needed. all models of nintendo Console.


1.Compared to other cards,ACE3DS still a new card and the price is lower than other ones.

2. ACE3DS with Built in RTG Function to boot slot-2 perfectly as well as build in moonshell 2.10 beta, brower,EMAIL and E-books sofeware supporting,yet,this wouldn't be found on other series.

In all,Newer flashcart company as ACE3DS was,yet,their technology very mature.It was said that this team has accumulated many experience in flahcart and was comitted to create a card suits for more people.

This card is pre-flashed in digitopz,you can use ace3ds card in your DSi(V1.43)/3DS(2.1.0-3) directly.We have tested this card,it is working great on DS/DSi(V1.43)/3DS(2.1.0-3),Wanna to own one ? Pls come around digitopz :  Cheapest ACE3DS

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