Buy supreme ripndip cat iphone6s/6s plus case

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Hello! Here comes with famous supreme brands iphone case. Theme of the case is the ripndip cat whose middle finger is raised with full provocative.The most important feature of supreme ripndip cat iphone case is that it is noctilucent. It means the case will make your iphone visable and attractive in the dark. It is really cool, right? I believe it is good clothes for your iphone6 or a cute gift for your friend.

The case is made up of plastic material and it can protect your iphone6s from scratches, shocks and collisions. It is easy for you to assemble and remove. Supreme ripndip cat case fits for iphone6/6s, iphone6 plus/6s plus. There are three options available.

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Buy killstar purrl evil cat iphone6s/6s plus case

Killstar Purr evil iphone6s case2

Killstar is a famous brand in the United Kingdom. There is a new case with cute black cat design. The words with”Killstar Purr evil” in the buttom of the case. It is made up of soft silicone material which will give you good feeling. The back cover style allows you to access to all buttons, controls & ports without having to remove the case.

If you like cute cats, this case is a good choice for you. The case can protect your new iphone6s, iphone6s plus from scratches and shocks. You can use it for your iphone5/5s/SE, iphonee6/6s, iphone6 plus/6s plus. Please take it easy, all the case will be unused and totally new one.
Buy killstar purrl evil cat iphone6s/6s plus case

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What’s inside the PSVita cobra blackfin?


PSVita cobra blackfin coming from the cobra team has been available for several months. Some users has received the device and it allows users to share their games with friend by connecting to a P2P network. Here is the post about the hardware insides cobra blackfin.


The cobra blackfin is back from the dead. This p2p Vita game sharing device implicitly promises to be Vita pirates’ wet dream, allowing people to share games with their “friends” worldwide. The Cobra team, behind the dongle, recently updated their website to announce that resellers started receiving the device. As a matter of fact, several end users have already received theirs: venerable Japanese hacking site, which as far as I can remember has been online pretty much forever, has managed to get their hands on a Cobra blackfin. According to them, they got it from a typical retailer

Emuonpsp used the opportunity to share a few screenshots of the inside of the cobra blackfin (see below). The screenshots reveal what kind of hardware architecture is powering the piracy dongle.

Unsurprisingly, quite a number of people on the scene are expecting to get their hands on the device in order to reverse engineer it. Although such a thing is pretty typical (the scene is always keen on reverse engineering the likes of TrueBlue, Gateway, etc…), in the case of the BlackFin I’m wondering if there’s even an incentive to do so. The concept sounds pretty “simple” and non-magical to me: the device uses actual, legit games at the authentication step, getting just enough data for the PS Vita to then accept to run the iso. I’m of course over simplifying things here, but the rest is mostly glue for all the software components to work together.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if the software running on the cobra blackfin is heavily protected with DRMs to delay knockoffs.

The value of the blackfin will mostly lie in its network of servers hosting the games, which might or might not be enough to gather interest from gamers and pirates.

The screenshots from emuonpsp show that the blackfin uses an Actel A3P250-VQG100 (FPGA) as its main CPU and an FTDI FT2232HL for USB communication. Emuonpsp note that another slot is available for a microcontroller, but that one appears empty on the screenshots.


Buy Universal mobile phone 3 in 1 camera lens kit


Nowadays, many people like taking photos of animals, foods, friends, plants and beautiful scenery. So how to make your photos more beautiful? The camera of your iphone is limited and it is also not convenient to carry professional camera everywhere and anytime. There is new product for you :Universal mobile phone 3 in 1 camera lens kit which allows you take more beautifaul photos.


Here are three lens in this kit: wide angle lens, marco lens, fish eye lens. The cases of lens are made of high quality aluminum. There is one clips which can connect your phone and lens easily.

Wide angle lens allows you to capture 20% more in your shot. Great for cityscapes and large group photos. You can capture small things with marco lens at close range. Fish eye lens will capture rounded images instead of square ones for your phone, which is really interesting.


Here are eight colors available and you can choose one you like. You can use these lens in your iphone6, iphone6s, iphone6 plus, iphone5, iphoneSE, samsung phone and ipad series.


How to setup Gateway 4.0B private beta on your NEW3DS?


Gateway 4.0B private released by gateway 3ds team. The promised function:GW Time Machine app & A9LH Installer has been added. But the gateway team also inform card users that they must be more careful when using the private beta program. Users should backup their 3DS NAND. There should be still a risk of bricking.
How to setup Gateway 4.0B private beta on your NEW3DS?


Gateway 3ds
Gateway 4.0 beta
Time machine data packs
Working wifi

1. Download Gateway 4.0 and extract it.
Copy the contents of the “Console SD” folder on to root of your consoles SD card.
Copy the contents of the “Red Card uSD” folder on to root of your GW Red Card microSD card.

2. There is boot.3ds in “Console SD” folder, copy it and cover the boot.3ds in your consoles SD card; download “Time machine data packs”: tm_n3ds_us.bin, copy tm_n3ds_us.bin and launcher.dat to the root of your consoles SD card.

3. Boot into GATEWAY 3DS menu using your favorite entrypoint and select “backup system nand, press A button and then press Start button ot backup your NAND. Please do not power off your console.
After done, copy NAND.bin to your PC.

4. Back to gateway 3ds menu again, pick the format emuNAND option from the menu. Press A button and the press Start button to setup Emunand.

5. Copy “Gateway_TM.3ds” in “Gateway 4.0 beta” to the root of your GW Red Card microSD card.
6. Insert gateway red card to your N3DS, boot into GATEWAY (emuNAND) mode. Make sure you have WiFi configured and working correctly.
7. Press select button and there will a menu. 636
Select “GATEWAY 3DS time Machine” and run it.637
8. There will be three options and select “[downgrade] 2.1.0″.Y ou need to reboot your N3DS after downgrading finishes.
perform selftest[recommended]
[downgrade] 2.1.0J
[current] 9.2.0-20J
[upgrade] 10.3.0-28J

9. Boot back into GATEWAY 3DS menu and select A9LH Installer menu option, follow instructions on screen.

10. Turn off your N3DS and delect Nintendo 3DS folder in your 3DS consoles SD card, copy NAND.bin to your 3DS consoles SD card.
11. Boot your N3DS into 2.x,open up web browser and surf to After a short wait, the GATEWAY Menu should appear.

12. Go to A9LH Installer menu option again, follow instructions on screen until congratulations message appears.

13. Reboot your console and enjoy GATEWAY A9LH on your N3DS!

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