Amiiqo V1.2 release, supporting Animal Crossing with New Amiiqo


Rcently NFC toy emulator-Amiiqo led a heated discussion between users. Several days ago, Amiiqo V1.2 public released. This new uodate allows Amiiqo support Animal Crossing. The most important update is that the new Amiiqo will be shipped out without 10  launch characters.

Now there is big discount for new Amiiqo. The price lower from 74.5USD to 53.5USD. Once you are interested in Amiiqo, please access to

20/08 – Amiiqo V1.2 Release

This app update adds image support for the recent Animal Crossing release, making it easier for our users to identify their Animal Crossing backups within our android app. We have also included the promised serial number mail-in option for our valued and honoured early adopters who helped make this product a reality, once again thank you!

On a side note, due to numerous requests from resellers, we have opted to ship all new Amiiqo’s without our previously advertised 10 launch characters.


AmiiqoV1.2 app and Manual


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How to use AMIIQO on NEW 3DS


We have introduced that AMIIQO which can support unlimited Amiibo figures for WII U and NEW3DS to you.It is really economical that you can use one AMIIQO to play 200 Amiibo  characters. For many newbie,  they are hesitate to get one AMIIQO because they donot kow how to use it.
In this post, we will introduce you how to use AMIIQO App on your Android NFC smart phone.


1. Please download “amiiqo v1.2 app” from AMIIQO offcial site and copy the files to your phone sd card. Install the “amiiqo v1.2 app” and there will be a icon of AMIIQO showing.
2. Turn on the “NFC” and “Android Beam” on your smart phone.
3. Download the AMIIBO data bin files of the game and put them to your phone sd card
4. Make sure that your internet connection keeping
5.  We will test AMIIQO on our NEW 3DS, and please notice that AMIIQO can support  AMIIBO  characters on NEW 3DS 9.3+.

Tips:① If your console firmware version is below 9.3, we remmend you getting a gateway 3ds to emunand your 3ds conosle to above9.3
② If your console version is above9.3, please use sky3ds with NEW 3DS

6.  Because the original Super Smash Brothers donot have AMIIBO function ,so we have upgrade our Super Smash Brothers  which will have this function.

How to import the AMIIBO characters to your Android NFC phone?

1. Open the AMIIQO icon in your smart phone and put the AMIIQO to the back side of the photo, then the following pictures will show.80211
2. Select  “UNLOCK” option and place the AMIIQO again, when you heard a sound  and please press the button, after a few seconds,  there will be three options:Set Bankcount,Manage Banks,LOCK.80212
3. Put the AMIIQO and select “Set Bankcount” and add new number( Once you select5 /10, there will be 5/10 characters slots)80213
4. Select “Manage Banks” and you can change or add new characters. Select the one you want to add and select the  Amiibo “.BIN” file of  characters which you like, click ok.  Then place AMIIQO to save the data. Go to “Manage Banks” again, then the newly added data will show.802148021580216
5. You need to lock the  AMIIQO which will mainly used to prevent mistakenly deletion;
Select the “LOCK” and place the AMIIQO, then AMIIQO data can’t be edited.

How to use AMIIQO on NEW 3DS?

1.Turn on the NEW3DS, and press”select” button , the icon of Super Smash Brothers shows. Run this game and the following picture will show.80219
Once it the first use for the character, please go to the settings→AMIIBO and then place the AMIIQO. The character will appear 802110802112

and there will be notice that you need to select your image, write your name and choose the clothes. Press”ok”  and there need to place AMIIQO to save the data;  select ok802114802118
2. Press B to be back to the menu , press icon Super Smash Brothers and then choose single Super Smash Brothers
Press ZL/ZR button of NEW 3DS,  there needs you place the AMIIQO. Then the character will show. 802120802121
You can choose one image for 1p option. And if you want to add new character, please put the figure to the blank blank. Next, press ZL/ZR button, and place the AMIIQO with button pressed. The new character will come out.
3. After you finish a fight, please press ok  and place the AMIIQO again to save the new data.

Buy AMIIQO from

Super Robot Taisen BX JPN Works Well with SKY3DS


SKY3DS new template had added the hotly discussed Japanese game: Super Robot Taisen BX. Though testing with sky3ds flashcard blue button,  we are gald to tell you that sky3ds can works well with Super Robot Taisen BX JPN

Sky3DS updated template file [08/19/2015]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
CTR-P-BSJJ9BA2 =1314 – San Goku Shi 2 JPN
CTR-P-BG5J8D92 =Go! Princess PreCure Sugar Oukoku to 6-nin no Princess! JPN
CTR-P-BSRJC746 =Super Robot Taisen BX JPN
CTR-P-AHRKA469 =Fossil Fighters Korea