Buy Supreme Simpson plastic iPhone 7/7 Plus case

Supreme Simpson iPhone 7 case2

Hello, here comes a new case for your Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus case- Supreme brand and cartoon Simpson with a skateboard, which is so simple and cool.

The high-quality plastic material gives your case good feeling. Plastic case fits your iPhone 7/7 Plus perfectly. The case makes your iPhone 7 cool and protects your iPhone from scratches, shock, and collisions. Half-body protection allows you to access to all camera lens, all buttons, and ports.

It is easy to install and remove the case. There are two colors available: black and pink. It is compatible with iPhone6/6s, iPhone6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Buy Supreme Simpson plastic iPhone 7/7 Plus case

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EZ-FLASH Redux tutorial: How to use EZ-FLASH Redux flashcard on 3DSv10.7 and below version


EZ-FLASH Redux has been released by famous EZ flash team and it is not GBA flashcard. EZ-FLASH Redux is 3DS flashcards supporting multi-ROM, and homebrew on all region 3DS console up to v10.7. It can also support 3DS11.2Emunand. In this post, we will introduce you how to use EZ-FLASH Redux flashcard to play 3ds games on 3DSv10.7 and below version.

EZ-FLASH Redux Features
* The first MicroSD card side plug design in the market
* Direct save to microSD
* Support all region 3DS console up to v10.7
* Firmware upgradable
* Multi-ROM support
* A9LH compatible
* SDHC/SDXC support, maximum capacity up to 128GB
* FAT32/exFAT support
* EmuNAND support
* Homebrew compatible
* EZ-FLASH decades quality guarantee

There are two ways to use EZ-FLASH Redux flashcard: using 414 exploit or A9LH exploit.

Using 414 exploit
1. Copy 3ds games to microSD card and plug into EZ-FLASH REDUX card.01
2. Download the kernel of EZ-FLASH Redux from and extract it. Copy launcher.dat to the root directory of internal SD in your 3DS.
3. Boot up your 3DS and select System Settings→ Other Settings→ Profile→ Nintendo DS Profile, the EZRedux menu will appear.
4. Insert EZ-FLASH Redux card into your 3DS and click the first icon on Redux menu: BOOT EZ Redux MODE.

5. 3DS will turn to black screen several and then it will be back to home menu. Press SELECT and the game list will show in the upper screen.
press A when the game is selected, the game will be loaded and displayed in the lower screen.
Tips: Use L and R to change the page and use direction pad to browse game.
The Game List window displays the SYS or EMU to confirm the system you are using.

Using A9LH exploit
1. Prepare one 3DS/2DS which has installed A9LH exploit.
2. Copy 3ds games to microSD card and plug into EZ-FLASH REDUX card.
3. Download the kernel of EZ-FLASH Redux from and extract it. Copy launcher.dat and luma folder to the root directory of internal SD in your 3DS.

4. rename the down_ezr.bin in luma\payloads folder to KEY_YOU_WANNA_TO_PRESS_ezr.bin or leave it be. for example left_ezr.bin.
5. Hold the key which you set in previous step and power up the console, default key is DOWN if you skipped the previous step, the A9LH will load the launcher and inject it.
6. In the console main interface, press SELECT to pop up the Game List in the upper screen. Select one game and press A to load it.

BOOT EZ Redux MODE: boot the system into REDUX mode. you can use the Game List and EmuNand

BOOT CLASSIC MODE: boot the system into Classic mode, you can use the retail game cartridge and EmuNand, but no Game List.
Format EmuNANDcreate: the EmuNand partition on the SD card. everything on the SD card will be erased. please backup your data before use. the REDUX and Classic mode will automatic load EmuNand after it be created.

Restore 3DS Savegame: restore the retail cartridge game save from SD card.
Backup 3DS Savegame: backup the retail cartridge game save to the SD card.
Backup 3DS Game Cartridge: backup the retail game cartridge ROM to the SD card.
FIRMWARE UPDATE: update the firmware of EZ-FLASH REDUX card.

Gateway 3DS supports Pokemon Sun & Moon

gateway 3ds

Pokemon Sun & Moon has been released for several weeks and many players have bought this cartridge. While some flashcards users want to know if they can use gateway 3ds to play Pokemon Sun & Moon. Three days ago, gateway-3ds team confirmed that gateway 3ds can support Pokemon Sun & Moon. Here is the tutorial:

1) Download card1to2 program (here)

2) Extract the card1to2 folder to your computer, then put the ROM inside the folder.

3) Drag the ROM into card1to2.exe window

4) Press 1 then press enter. Wait until the ‘done’ message is displayed

5) Copy the ROM to your gateway3ds sd card and enjoy!

Sky3ds team is working hard for sky3ds+ new firmware supporting Pokemon Sun & Moon

Buy Fendi Monster Fur iPhone7/7 Plus cases

Fendi Monster Fur iPhone7 case3

Hello, here comes with new pattern of Fendi case for your new apple iPhone. It is really adorable, right? It looks like a monster hiding in the case back. A pair of eyes and soft spherical fur on case back. It is made of hig-quality TPU material which is soft and durable. It isthink withou bulk. The case is also easy to install and assemble.

Soft case protects your iphone from daily scratches, shocks, and collisions. Precise engineering allows you to take photoes and charge your iPhone withour having to remove the case. Here comes with three different colors: orange, pink and rose. You can choose one for your girlfriend/family as a gift. It works for iPhone6/6s, iPhone6/6s Plus and iPhone7/7 Plus

Buy more iPhone 7/7Plus case from

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Buy Ripndip Cat Silicone iPhone7/7 Plus Case

Ripndip Cat Lord Nermal iPhone 7 case5

Hello, everyone! Here comes a cute case for your new iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus. Special design-Ripndip Cat Lord Nermal with two middle fingers raised which is full of provocation.

It comes with two colors: one white and one black. It makes your iPhone cute while protecting it from daily bumps and scratches. The soft silicone case offers full body protection and good feelings. Precision engineer fits your phone perfectly and gives you access to all ports and functions.

A protective bumper encircles your iPhone protruding camera lens, safeguarding it against damage, without getting in your way. It is compatible with iPhone6/6s, iPhone6/6s Plus, iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus

Adorable Ripndip Cat Lord Nermal Silicone iPhone6, iPhone 7/7 Plus caseRipndip Cat Lord Nermal iPhone 7 case2Ripndip Cat Lord Nermal iPhone 7 case3Ripndip Cat Lord Nermal iPhone 7 case4Ripndip Cat Lord Nermal iPhone 7 case1