Several days before,nintendo has updated New 3DS,3DSXL,3DS,2DS system firmware to v9.5.0-22,according to the confirmed news, sky3ds flashcart can directly work on it . In the wake of nintendo released v9.5.0-22 updated news,gateway 3ds team released GATEWAY ULTRA 3.0.4  BETA, which fixes multi-rom support for users with emunand 9.5. Detials:

Posted on February 3, 2015

Today we present just a quick update for our users with 9.5 emunand. This fixes the multirom menu not showing up and various updates for properly supporting 9.5 emunand.

We also want to inform our users about some news regarding emunand support for the New 3DS:
We will not be able to support emunand 9.5 or higher for a while on the New 3DS. This is only an issue for the New 3DS, the old 3DS and 2DS will never have this issue. This is not a definitive barrier, but we feel it necessary to inform our users that while we are still working on releasing our New 3ds support, we will not be able to provide support yet for 9.5 emunand or higher for New 3DS on release.

And as always ENJOY!

User manuals and required files

Firmware GW 3.0.4 “Ultra” Public BETA
Firmware GW 3.0.4 “Ultra” Public BETA Mirror 1
Firmware GW 3.0.4 “Ultra” Public BETA Mirror 2
Firmware GW 3.0.4 “Ultra” Public BETA Mirror 3


Nintendo 3DS v9.5.0-22 Released. Which flashcard was not bloacked?


Nintendo 3DS update the system again, 3DS v9.5.0-22 released. it seems that Nintendo has updated the 3DS/3DS XL firmware to version v9.5.0-22 in Europe and the US and the new firmware update mainly fix some bugs to improve system stability. And this update mainly applies to Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS. Even though, we still should be careful not to update your 3ds to the latest version until it’s confirmed that your flashcard was not blocked.
Main changes for version 9.5.0-22U

Update released: February 2nd, 2015

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

We have tested the r4i gold 3ds, dstwo and r4i sdhc dual core, r4i gold pro, r4i sdhc rts lite, ace3ds card, r5sdhc and sky3ds card can all work on the 3ds 9.5.0-22U directly.

Which flashcard suport 3DS v9.5.0-22U?
DStwo (From

r4i gold 3DS (From



R4i gold pro 2014(From

R4i shdc dual core 2014(From

R4i sdhc sliver card(From

Sky 3DS (From

The SKY3DS still works well on the 3DS 9.5.0-22, this is the only 3DS flashcart works on the 3DS 9.5.0-22 and the only 3DS game flashcart works on any 3DS console.

If your 3DS system is 4.1~9.2 you can 3ds-linker the Gateway 3DS flashcart to enjoy both 3DS and DS games,curretly dont recommend updating your gateway 3ds.

Digitopz has Cobra DMC in stock !


Cobra Ode official news: ” 22 – 1 – 2015  We are pleased to announce that the first batch of DMC has already shipped to some resellers. Further quantities will be shipped again next week to help meet demand.” Good news is that we just received the goods and got the Cobra DMC in stock,  if you wouls like it, youcan find it here.

15 – 1 – 2015 Cobra ODE News – Update

We have uploaded the DMC module installation manual to the downloads section, as well as an updated Cobra ODE installation manual v1.5 which covers Cobra ODE 5.30A.

We have also added a quick reference guide which explains the usage of the cables across different versions of Cobra ODE, as well as clarifying ODE / PS3 model compatibility.

Cobra ODE DMC Installation Manual (English) V1.0
Cobra ODE Quick Reference (English) v1.0
Cobra ODE Installation Manual (FAT to 2k1) (v3 v4 v5) v1.5

  12 – 12 – 2014 Cobra ODE News – Information

We are pleased to confirm that 4.66 ofw is supported on all consoles from PHAT PATA to 4k.

PATA and SATA PHAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k require the DMC module.

4k consoles work as usual with SWAP discs and do not require DMC module.

Pictured below is the new DMC module for PHAT PATA, SATA PHAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k consoles which enables use of all versions of Cobra ODE (3.xx/4.xx and 5.xx) on 4.66 OFW. A swap disc is required in line with current usage of Cobra ODE on OFW 4,66 and 4k consoles.
Cobra DMC
The DMC module has an Actel FPGA on board which controls the optical lens’ units disc eject motor, thus enabling the user to insert and remove discs without detection by the drive controller. The onboard FPGA is linked to a USB PHY which enables full reprogramming of the FPGA at any time via USB connected to your PC.

The Cobra DMC connects to the Cobra ODE (all models) via the JTAG 24 pin FFC port on the Cobra ODE and the “main” port on the Cobra DMC. Cables are included.

The Cobra DMC can be mounted adjacent to the optical drive of the PS3. The module then connects to the eject motor inside the drive, without soldering via FFC cables.



Gateway 3DS Ultra 3.03 was reelased. This new firmware support Taiwan region now. US and EU,JP region users can ignore this news. Here are the deatils:

Posted on January 22, 2015

Today we present Gateway ULTRA 3.0.3 which fixes region detection for the Taiwan region.

Previously the TWN region was erroneously detected as CHN (iQue), and it was accepting the CHN dgpack while it should only accept the TWN dgpack.

As we mentioned before we want to caution users using the downgrade feature: it is a dangerous operation as it will write to sysnand and if something goes wrong it may brick your 3DS.
We currently recommend that ONLY USERS WITH A NAND MOD try this, and report back any issues.

Only when there are no more issues reported then we will consider it safe.

And as always ENJOY!

User manuals and required files

Firmware GW 3.0.3 “Ultra” Public BETA
Firmware GW 3.0.3 “Ultra” Public BETA Mirror 1
Firmware GW 3.0.3 “Ultra” Public BETA Mirror 2
Firmware GW 3.0.3 “Ultra” Public BETA Mirror 3

Gateway 3DS now support 3DS (XL,LL) 4.1~9.2 systems. Don’t support new 3DS and not works well on 2DS.

Region Free for SKY3DS by regionthree


Great news: Sky3ds card has no region-blocking anymore, if you want to play other region game by the SKY3DS, now it’s possible. By using the regionthree tool, you can play any legit cart game regardless the region of both the console or the cart, it will load without any objection.

new Sky3dsRegionthree Details

region free loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS on firmware versions 4.0-9.4 this also allows you to bypass mandatory gamecard firmware updates

loads games from other regions and runs them in YOUR language if possible !

Japanese Smash Bros Cart on an EUR 3DS console proof:

How to use

* Download Launcher.dat from the repo (or compile it yourself) :
* Copy Launcher.dat to the root of your SD card.
* Insert the game you want to run into your 3DS and power it up.
* Open the “Download Play” application.
* Hit the home menu button, but do not exit the Download Play application (keep it running in the background).
*  Open the Web Browser applet.
*  Go to Gateway’s exploit page (not linking directly to it here because not a fan of their whole piracy thing they’ve got going).
*  Wait a few seconds; screen should turn black and after a bit your game should boot up !


*  Does this work on the latest firmware version ? Yes, 9.4 is supported.
*  Does this let me run homebrew and/or roms ? No, it just lets you run legit physical games from other regions.
*  Do I need to connect to the internet every time I want to use this ? Yes.
*  Do I need a flashcart/game/hardware for this ? No.
* Will this work on my New 3DS ? No, at the moment this only works on 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS models.
* Will it ever work on the New 3DS ? Maybe. I don’t plan on working on it, like, ever, but the code is out there now so…
* Will this break or brick my 3DS ? No. There’s virtually 0 chance of that happening, all this runs is run of the mill usermode code, nothing dangerous. Nothing unusual is written to your NAND, nothing permanent is done. With that in mind, use at your own risk, I won’t take responsibility if something weird does happen.
*  Do you take donations ? No, I do not.
*  How does it work ? See below.

Technical stuff

Basically we use GW’s entrypoint to get ROP (not code execution, either userland or kernel) under spider (that’s what the browser applet is called). From there, we use the GPU DMA vuln to take over the download play application (this is done by overwriting the GSP interrupt handler funcptr table). The download play application has access to the ns:s service (spider does not), and we use that service to launch our out-of-region game.

For more detail on the webkit/spider exploit, visit

For more detail on the GPU DMA exploit, visit

To build the ROP, use Kingcom’s armips assembler


* All original ROP and code on this repo written by smea.
* ns:s region free booting trick found by yellows8.
* Neatly packaged spider exploit by Gateway.
* Bond697, sm, yifanlu for working on the GW payload so I wouldn’t have to.
* Myria for helping with testing.
* sbJFn5r for porting the ROP to 4.x firmware versions.