Nintendo switch system version 3.0.0 released


System firmware version of Nintendo Switch has been updated to 3.0.0. Many important and useful function has been added to switch console. In the following, you can see a full list of Nintendo switch 3.0.0 features.

Nintendo switch system version 3.0.0 features

Add friends from your Nintendo 3DS™ and Wii U™ Friend Lists to your Nintendo Switch™ console’s Friend List.
Opt to receive notifications for when your friends appear online.*
Search for missing controllers.
Search for and subscribe to game-specific news content from the News List screen.
Increase and decrease system volume via the Quick Settings menu. Headphone volume can also be set to a higher level.

Besides, N2 Elite (amiiqo) still works on Nintendo switch 3.0.0. You can use N2 Elite (amiiqo) to store 200 free amiibo figures to play games on Nintendo switch. Many switch games featured amiibo function. If you want to enjoy all the amiibos, you would spend much money. With N2 Elite, you can enjoy all the free amiibo figures with one disc device which will save you much.

EZ-FLASH IV kernel 2.01 released


In June, ezflash team released two kernels for EZ-FLASH IV flashcard- 2.00 and 2.01. These two kernels bring great improvement for EZ-FLASH IV card.

Kernel 2.00 implements on-cart patch engine, EZ4Client is no longer needed. Just copy clean ROM and launch it.

In this version, we implement the on-cart patch engine, it means the desktop version of EZ4Client was no longer needed. just copy the clean rom to the sd card and run it directly. the kernel will patch ROM automatically.

Kernel 2.01 improved the patch engine to reduce the loading time, added AP patch.

We’d improved the patch engine, a patch data will be generated after game’s first launch, it will skip the patch process for the future using.
We made a little test for the new patch engine. the 1st run equals kernel 2.00.

size                1st run            2nd run               type
32Mbits       27 seconds     9 seconds           PSRAM
64Mbits       51 seconds     18 seconds         PSRAM
128Mbits    100 seconds   33 seconds         PSRAM
256Mbits    851 seconds   652 seconds       NORFLASH

The AP patch of known games are implemented. some needs press L + A to launch to get effect.

With latest kernel 2.01, you can just download it and copy file to the root directory of MicroSD card. Then copy clean gba roms to microSD card. You can use EZ-FLASH IV to play GBA games on NDS,NDSL,GBA,GBA SP,GBM consoles directly.

Download EZ-FLASH IV kernel 2.01


Sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus new sticker released.


Several days ago, sky3ds team released sky3ds+card new sticker on their official site There is no big change about the card. Sky3ds+ still has the same chip with a new sticker.

On sky3ds+ new sticker, sky3ds new official site has been attached. Please view sky3ds+ with new sticker here.sky3dsplus02

If you order one sky3ds+ card, digitopz will send you a free SkyDock as gift. It means you can buy a sky3ds plus and skydock with $79.0.

Where to buy cheap SkyDock for sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus?


Sky3ds team launches a new tool for sky3ds+/sky3ds plus, and it is called SkyDock. SkyDock is an adapter specially designed for sky3ds+ card. The most important feature of SKYDOCK is to extract the private header from 3DS original game cart, which can be used to play online game with sky3ds+ card. You can also backup 3DS ROM and 3DS game save from 3DS original game cart and the 3ds game save works on sky3ds+ card directly.

Why we need SkyDock for sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus?

1. Privater header for online games

Recently many users report that their 3DS console get banned for an unknown reason. After banned, your 3DS can not be accessible to online service. Is it safe to play online games with sky3ds+card? With a private header, you can use sky3ds+ to play online games without any ban risk. SkyDock is the tool which is used to extract the private header from 3DS game card. In a word, you need a SkyDock if you want to play online game safely with sky3ds+.

2. Back up 3DS Game card.

Even though you do not want to play online games, you can also use SkyDock to dump your 3DS game card to .3ds file and back ups 3DS game save data to .save file. You can save these two files in your PC. It is a copy of your 3ds game card.

Where to buy cheap SkyDock for sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus?

1. Digitopz has enough SkyDock in stock. If you have bought sky3ds+ card in the past days, you can pay for $7 to get a SkyDock. Actually, $7 is the shipping cost and SkyDock is free
2. If you are new to our site, you can get a cheap SkyDock with $9.5.
3. If you order one sky3ds+ on this site, you can get a free SkyDock as gift.

How to play 3ds online games safely and far away from 3DS banwave?


Recently, there is a banware from Nintendo. Many users are being banned from 3DS online services. What is the cause of this banwave and how to aviod being banned? How to play 3ds online game safely? Is it safe to use sky3ds+ card to play online games? In thi post, you will get the answers.

What is ban?
It means you are not able to load Nintendo network services, which means you can not download eshop games or DLC, or update games on your 3DS console.

Cause of 3DS Banwave from Nintendo

Not only one reason may get you banned from Nintendo. And until now, there is no direct cause as far as we know, the reasons seemingly is variables. Here are the collection of recent causes for the new banning. We cited from here.

1. SpotPass Settings: 8 users out of 46 users that were banned have SpotPass completely shut off, or SpotPass only (no friends list visibility)
2. Firmware Version (Luma, Nintendo): Literally all reports ranged from 10.2+, I can get exact numbers for this if you’d like, but all firmwares were affected.
3. Firmware Type (A9LH, B9S): 44 of the 126 B9S users that answered were banned, pattern was mirrored for A9LH users as well.
4. Homebrew Titles such as FBI, HBL, Luma Updater, Themely, and freeShop: Literally about 98% of users both banned and unbanned had some combination of these applications installed. However the common ones were: FBI, HBL, LumaUpdater and NTR.
5. Save Modification: Equal amounts of users on both sides have reported save modification in some form, either with PKSM or another save editor
6. System Transfers: 188 users said that they had not previously system transfered, 61 of those users were banned; 16 users said they transferred from a hacked console, only three of them received a ban; 13 said they transferred from a stock system and likewise were banned. The rest of our sample did not answer this question.
7. Activity Log Information: A majority of those who have not been banned have said they had NOT cleaned their activity logs. I can get exact numbers for this too on request.

Users who have been banned has the following characteristics:
1. Online activity with rom or DLC from freeShop
2. Out of region online activity
3. Chinese CFW
4. Double system: sysnand and emunand system
5. Installing unauthorized CIA files

how to avoid being banned?
1. For A9 and B9 users, download CIA file from reliable sites. Do not use the public ROM header to play online games. Access to eshop to update your games and download DLC.
2. Do not install suspicious CIA files
3. Do not use cheat function when playing games.
4. Do not share your FC information publicly.

5. Advices for sky3ds+ users: do not use the public rom header to play online games. The private header is the safe way for 3ds online game play.

How to play online games safely?

The best choice is sky3ds+ card. You can use sky3ds+ to play offline and online games safely.

Offline activity: Sky3ds+ card users are 100% safe and far away from the new banwave, you can have no worry to continue to use the flash card to play Hundreds of 3DS Games in 2017 and 2018.

Online activity: You can use sky3ds+ adapter SkyDock to get private header from your original 3ds game card for 3ds online game play. There will not be any risk of being banned.