Pasta CFW 1.0 Beta 2 public released


The GBA temp released the news of Pasta CFW-Pasta CFW 1.0 Beta 2, which make it easier to play cia games with sky3ds. Here are some changes on the basis of Pasta CFW:

1. Fixed black screen issue
2. There is new GUI and you can press L to access CFW menu.
3. In the step 4, you can just pree A to run “Brahma” and then  it will run “arm9payload.bin” and indentify the version of your console automatically. There is no need to choose  it manually.
4. It can support the 5.x/6.x/7.x.
5.It support 8.x(beta3)

Pasta CFW 1.0 Beta 2

SKY3DS Can Support CIA Games Using Pasta CFW Without Gateway3ds


Previously, users want to cia games with the instruction of gateway3ds, which is really complicated. Now gba temp released a CFW-Pasta CFW, which allows unsigned CIA to be installed only with sky3ds on 3DS/NEW 3DS.Here is the tutorial of how to play cia games on sky3ds:


3DS(4.1-4.5 / 8.0-8.1 / 9.0-9.2.)/NEW 3DS console(V9.0-9.2)
One Micro SD cards
3DS/N3DS SD card

The files you need to download

Cubic Ninja

Please download the starter.rar  and  we have put all files needed in this folder.  Upzip it and put files to the 3DS sd card. and  please copy the CIA of ROMs to 3DS sd card.Insert the sd card to  your console
1. Please access to Ninjhax :,  and download the QR code which fits for your 3DS/NEW 3DS console
2. Use Sky3ds Diskwriter V1.06 and Sky3ds latest template file to write Cubic Ninja into one Micro SD card for sky3ds. Insert the Micro SD card  to sky3ds and insert the sky3ds to your console.
3. Turn on your 3DS and wifi, and then Run the Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →QR Code の読取, you can scan the QR Code
After the scanning, it will go to the homebrew laucher as the pictures show.

4. Press”A” to run “Brahma”and then choose ”Load ARM9 payload“ and then press “A” 78

run “arm9payload.bin”, choose the Version of your console. Press “A” to confirm it and be back to system interface1011
5. Run the Cubic Ninja and  go to the homebrew laucheragain.Run”FBI” and  install the “BigBlueMenu.cia”
After the installation, press”start” to get back

6. Do as the step 4 and went to the “Brahma” CFW system, and then “title manager bigbluemenu” will show and you can install other cia.1719260261262
7.  If you get an error when installing a CIA with FBI, remember to make a title.db file in your “Nintendo 3DS/id1/id2/dbs” folder, and go to software management to fix the issue, you will then be able to install CIAs with FBI following the step 3,4,5,6.
Noting: when you turn off your console or exit from system setting, you need to do as step4 shows again and go to “Brahma” CFW system. And then you can enjoy the cia games you installed.

If you have any problems in lauching it, try to reinstall Ninjhax. press L+R+X+Y on the main menu for a few seconds, then delete your save. You can then restart the whole installation procedure.


How to use 3DS/3DZ To CIA Converter?

gateway 3ds

There comes a new tool-3DS/3DZ To CIA Converter V5.00,  and it  can convert the  3ds ROM file to cia file which can directly be installed  with 3ds menu under the gateway emunand. And the converted games is installed in the 3DS SD card(including save). In other words, we donot need to read games from gateway 3ds red card after using this tool, which will be more convinent. []

Here is the instruction for users how to convert 3DS/3DZ to CIA with this converter.

3DS/3DZ To CIA Converter V5.00.rar
3DS console
gateway 3ds blue card
3DS SD card.

Firstly please download the “3DS/3DZ To CIA Converter V5.00.rar”  and then unzip it. And also you need to run the python-2.7.8 as the instruction.
1. Copy the ROM you want to convert to the file”Step 1″, and then change the name of the ROM to”rom.3ds”.
12. Copy “rom.3ds” to the “”  and then there will be a new file born:”ncchinfo.bin”.

3. Please copy the “ncchinfo.bin” to the 3DS SD card.
4.Please copy the all files in “For 3DS SD card’ to 3DS SD card.
5. Insert the 3DS SD card and gateway 3ds blue card into 3DS console.5-1
6. Run the “NVRAM INSTALLER” as the pictures, press”A“ to exit when the installation completes.66-16-3
7. Click 系统设置→その他设定→ユーザー情報→DSソフト用设定.
8.Then waiting  until it shows as the picture”Finished!”, then you can turn off your 3DS console.

9. Remove the 3DS SD card  and then connect to your PC. Copy all the files “.xorpad” to “Step 2″ and then copy the “rom.3ds” in file”Step 1″ to file”Step 2″
10. Open “decrypt and make.bat” and the converting begins, then do as the pictures. During the process, there will be some questions, you need to choose y/n and pree”Enter” to next step.


11. During the process, there will be two dialogs and please  both choose “YES”.


12. Then you will see the following dialog which means the conversion conpletes.


13.  Next there will be a file “install.cia” in the  file”Step 2″,  and this is the converted file. Then you can copy the “install.cia” to 3DS SD card and then install it.13

Noting: If there is not a “install.cia” in the  file”Step 2″, please  try the converting again from the step10 again.

Gateway 3DS

Where to Buy Watch leather strap for Apple Watch ?


Recently there are many people use Apple watch, So the  special watch strap becomes popular. Here are three different grains of leather strap for apple watch. You can choose one you like for your apple watch and it can also be a small gift for your friends or family. []

NO.1  Crocodile grain leather strap for Apple watch

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Crocodile grain leather strap for Apple watch

NO.2 Apple Watch Lichee Pattern Black leather strap

Material: leather+Lichee Pattern
Compatible with: Apple watch
Color: black

Apple Watch Lichee Pattern Black leather strap

NO.3  Apple Watch Plain weave leather strap

The apple watch strap is made of leather and it is decorated with Plain weave. There are two colors: brown and gray for apple watch users. The special material makes the strap tough and it is comfortable to wear on hands for its plain weave.

Apple Watch Plain weave leather strap

SKY3DS works well with RegionFOUR On Firmware 9.2/9.7 for New3DS/3DS

There is coming a new firmare-RegionFOUR, which is a region free loader for New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS which currently works on on firmware versions 9.2 and 9.7 this also allows you to bypass mandatory gamecard firmware updates. It currently requires that you own a copy of Cubic Ninja from your region in order to run. Here is the tutorial to use Sky3DS to playing games region free for New3DS/3DS on version 9.2/9.7


New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS console(V9.2/9.7)
diskwriter v2.02b1
latest template
Cubic Ninja


1. Download the Sky3ds diskwriter v2.02b1 and the latest template, write the Cubic Ninja and game you want to play region free into sd card of sky3ds.Insert sky3ds to your console.
2. Go to the get regionFOUR section of this page and enter your console’s firmware version.Hit submit; you should get your very own regionFOUR QR code. The console we use is 3DS 9.7.0-25J.

3.Turn on your wifi and the console.
choose “Cubic Ninja”→A→A→EDIT→QR Code →QR Code の読取, you can scan the QR Code

4.After the scanning,press A→A .


5.When your console shows like the following picture, please press the blue button to switch games, waiting until the blue ligt stops, press”start” you can enjoy games region free.

Noting:  The first time you need to turn your wifi, and it doesnot need in the following.
Next time you donot need to scan QR Code and it will direactly to switch games and then start.