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Ace3DS X Package Content
1 x Ace3DS X
1 x Magnet
1 x Card Reader

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Ace3DS X VS R4i Gold 3DS RTS, what are the differences between them?


Recently ace3ds team released a new r4 card which is compatible with NTRboot and it is Ace3DS X. We all now that R4i Gold 3DS RTS is also compatible with NTRboot and supports B9S/3DS CFW. Is Ace3DS X better than R4i Gold 3DS RTS? What are the differences between Ace3DS X and R4i Gold 3DS RTS?


Price $18.5 $18.5
Compatibility For 3DS Mode: Support 3DS V11.6.0 and lower versions.

For DS Mode: Support 3DS V11.6 and DSI V1.4.5.

Support 3DS V11.6 and DSI V1.4.5.
Support NTRboot Yes Yes
Support B9S Yes Yes
With button Yes No
Support DS games Yes, by switching to DS mode Yes, after removing the NTRboot


Compared R4i Gold 3DS RTS, ace3ds X is apparently much better. If you want to play ds games with R4i Gold 3DS RTS after installed boot9strap, you need to remove ntrboot. While ace3ds X can be easily toggled between DS mode and 3DS ntrboot mode by pushing the small switch on the side of the card.

If you do not have a NTRboot card and are ready to buy one, ace3ds X is a good choice. There is no need flashing or removing NTRboot, ace3ds X supports ds games and B9S/CFW with a small button.

Ace3DS X Released, supports ds games and B9S Installation on 3DS/2DSXL 11.6.0-39


The ace3ds team released a new flashcart called- Ace3DS X. What is Ace3DS X? Including all the features of ace3ds plus, Ace3DS X supports installing B9S and playing 3DS CIA games on New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL with any firmware version including 3DSv11.6.0-39.


There is a small button on the side of Ace3DS X, and you can push it to switch between DS mode and 3DS mode.
When you switch to DS mode, Ace3DS X is totally an ace3ds plus and supports ds games on your console.
When you switch to 3DS mode, Ace3DS X is pre-flashed NTRBOOT and support installing B9S on all 3DS consoles models & versions. After installing B9S, you can play 3DS CIA games freely.

Ace3DS X Instruction

* 3DS mode: The using method of Ace3DS X is a little different from other flashcards, and you need to insert one FAT32 microSD card(maximum capacity is 32GB) to your flashcard
The other steps of using Ace3DS X are the same as other flashcards. Follow the Installing boot9strap (ntrboot) instruction in
* DS mode. It is one ace3ds plus, the using method is the same as before.

Ace3DS X Video

Where to buy Ace3DS X?


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Nintendo 3DS v11.6.0-39 U Released. Which flashcard is not blocked?


Nintendo 3DS updates new system firmware- 3DS v11.6.0-39 which applies to New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL console. Which 3ds flashcart or r4 card is not blocked by 3DS 11.6.0-39?

Here is the changelog of 3DS v11.6.0-39:

Version 11.6.0-39U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

3DS flashcarts support 3DS 11.6.0-39

Sky3ds+(sky3ds plus) supports unlimited new and old 3ds games in one cart on any 3ds console and firmware version.

Sky3ds cheapest 3ds flashcart always works on the latest firmware version

DS flashcarts support 3DSv11.6.0-39

r4i gold 3DS RTS (From



R4i gold pro 2015(From

R4i shdc dual core 2015(From

R4i sdhc sliver card(From

Does Gateway 3ds support GWD11.5.0-38?

No, gateway 3ds does not support the Emunand 3DS11.6.0-39 with current firmware. Please do not update until Gateway team release new firmware for supporting GWD11.6.0-39
Besides, gateway 3ds still supports 3DSv4.1-9.2, we recommend you not to update your 3DS above 9.2. Though you can downgrade your 3DS, there is still a risk of being bricked when downgrading.

R4i-B9S User Instruction: How to use R4i-B9S to install B9S/3DS CFW and play 3ds games on 3DS/2DS

R4i-B9S 004

Several days ago, one new R4 card-R4i-B9S has been released by R4i-SDHC team. R4i-B9S is pre-flashed ntrboot and support installing boot9strap and Luma 3DS CFW on your New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL. R4i-B9S can be used to play 3ds games(CIA format) on 3DS/2DS. In this post, we will tell you how to use R4i-B9S to install B9S/3DS CFW and play 3ds games on 3DS/2DS. You can get the original R4i-B9S from, we offer free shipping worldwide and accept PayPal payment.

One R4i-B9S flashcard
Two SD cards (one is the source sd, another SD card has a recommended capacity of 16G for installing more games)
A magnet (It comes with R4I-B9S kit)

How to use R4i-B9S to install B9S/3DS CFW on 3DS/2DS?

1. Turn off the console
2. Insert your SD card into your computer, Copy “” to the root of your SD card and unzip it to the current folder. download link: ), re-insert the SD card into your console.
3. Insert flashcard (R4i-B9S) into the console; place the magnet at the right position(below B button). Hold (Select) + (Start) + (X) +(Power) buttons for about 5 seconds, then release the buttons. The console should boot into safeb9sinstaller.
To test if a magnet will work, hold it on or around the (A)(B)(X)(Y) buttons while the device is powered on to see if it triggers sleep mode. If it does, both displays will go black as long as the magnet is held in that spot.

4. Wait for all safety checks to complete, when prompted, input the key combo given to install boot9strap (should take less than a minute).
5. Once the SigHaxed FIRM installs, press A to continue. Always press “power” until the console power off (about 15-20 seconds).
6. Remove your SD card and insert into your computer, format SD card and Copy “NTRPack_1.2” to the root of your SD card and unzip it to the current folder. download link: ), re-insert the SD card into your console.6
7. Power on your console, the console should reboot into godmode9.
8. Once godmode9 boots, press home, go to “More…”, then “Scripts…”. Select “copy_ntrboot”, and accept any prompts that pop up.
9. Once the script completes, press “R+B”, then remove the source SD and replace with target SD (3DS ROM will be install inside this SD card)
10. Select “[9:] RAMDRIVE” to open it.
11. Scroll to “paste_ntrboot.gm9″, select it, then select “Execute GM9 script”. Accept any prompts the show up. If any error occurs, it may be an SD card contact.
12. Once the script completes, press the start to reboot the system.
13. The console will boot into Luma3DS configuration. Check these options(press A) then press start:
-“Show NAND or user string in System Settings”
-“Patch ARM9 access” – required for 3dsx versions of homebrew like FBI13
14. Once you system boots to home menu, open download play.
15. Press “L+Down+Select” to open Rosalina. Go to “Miscellaneous options…”, then select “Switch the hb. title to current app.”15
16. Once that completes, press “B” and select “Save settings”, then press “B” twice to exit rosalina menu.
17. Press home, close download play, then re-open it.
18. You should now be met with a blue screen with “DSP1 – zoogie” at the time. Let it run until it completes. Instead of pushing Start or B when prompted, press home, close the app then power off the 3ds.
19. Hold start and power on the console to boot into godmode9.
20. Once godmode9 boots, press home, select “More…”, then select “Scripts…”
21. Select “finalize” and follow any prompts or instructions it gives, accepting them all.
22. When asked to “relock”, accept.
23. If you wish to make a nand backup (some users may not have enough space to do so), go back to the “Scripts…” once more and run “Backup SysNAND”
24. Press start to reboot the console, open download play, you will find the console can run the 3ds CFW now

How to Install and Play 3DS ROM on 3DS/2DS?

1. Download 3DS ROM and copy into target SD card (copied to root or create a directory named “games” for easy of management).
2. Convert 3DS ROM format to CIA. If download 3DS ROM was CIA format then skip this step.
a. Turn off the console. Hold START + POWER few second to restart the console, select“SD CARD” from main menu.27
b. Explore the “SD CARD” and select the copied 3DS ROM file.28
C. Press A to select “NSCD Image option” and choose “BUILD CIA from File” to convert 3DS ROM to CIA format. It will take a couple of minutes depending to file size. If 3DS ROM format is CIA, skip step 2.29
3. Install and play CIA format 3DS ROM.
a. Power up console normally, open “down play”. Launch “FBI” homebrew from menu.30
b. First time launch of FBI homebrew need to configure the file path. Recommend using default path. Generate CIA file locate at “gm9/out”. Select the CIA file and press A to enter.31
c. If select “Install CIA”, CIA file will be kept after installation. If select”Install and Delete CIA” the CIA file will be automatic delete after installation. After convert to CIA, original 3DS ROM file can be deleted. This can be done by using FBI or using laptop PC. To save space of SD card default was “Install and Delete CIA”.
d. Press “B” twice to FBI main menu after CIA installation, select “Title” and choose “launch” the installed 3DS games.
e. Press HOME return to device main menu, installed games icon will be shown.34