Buy LV Gucci Hard Case Cover Samsung s6 case.


Here are two different patterns of LV/Gucci hard case for samsung galaxy s6. One of case has a small mirror and another donot have it.

LV GUCCI Hard Case samsung galaxy s6 case with gold edge

The hard case is designed with gold LV/GUCCI logo and a hole besides your samsung camera which you can take photos freely. You can charge your samsung freely without remove of the case for the precise hole. Here are 13 different patterns available.

LV GUCCI Hard Case samsung galaxy s6 case2LV GUCCI Hard Case samsung galaxy s6 case4

LV GUCCI Mirror hard case cover for samsung s6

This case back cover has a small mirror with LV/GUCCI logo on it,which is availavle for samsung galaxy s6 in 13 different patterns. There is no need to worry about slipping samsung off your hands and the case will protect your samsung from scratches, shocks and collisions.

LV GUCCI Mirror hard case cover for samsung s6LV GUCCI Mirror hard case cover for samsung s6 (2)

SKY3DS can support Langrisser – ReIncarnation Tensei and The Smurfs

Langrisser ReIncarnation Tensei11

Langrisser – ReIncarnation Tensei JP and The Smurfs EU which is really popular since on sale has been addded to  sky3ds new template. Testing with our sky3ds blue button and it is glad to tell the sky3ds users that it is confirmed  sky3ds can support Langrisser – ReIncarnation Tensei JP and The Smurfs EU on the latest firmware9.9.0-26

Sky3DS updated template file [07/20/2015]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
CTR-P-BYBJ2811 =Yo-Kai Watch Busters – Shiroinutai JP
CTR-P-BRGJAF5F =Langrisser – ReIncarnation Tensei JP
CTR-P-BUSPEC31 =1300 – The Smurfs EU

Langrisser – ReIncarnation Tensei JP works with sky3dsLangrisser ReIncarnation Tensei12Langrisser ReIncarnation Tensei14
The Smurfs EU works with sky3dsThe Smurfs EU12The Smurfs EU13

SKY3DS works great with Ninjhax 2.0 for region free games on firmware 9.0-9.9

sky3ds banner

Smealum updates the Ninjhax  and the Ninjhax 2.0 has come out. We have tested with SKY3DS and Rhythm Tengoku(JP version)on our v9.4.0-21E and confirmed that sky3ds works well with Ninjhax 2.0 for region free games

What you need

One 3ds console(V9.0-9.9)[v9.4.0-21E]
Cubic Ninja ROM
Different region roms[Rhythm Tengoku-jp]
homebrew starter kit

User Guide
1. Download “starter” and unzip all the files to the roos of your 3DS sd card.
2. Use the DiskWriter2.02 and latest template file to burn the Cubic Ninja and other different region games to your micro sd card. Then insert the sky3ds with micro sd card to your 3DS console
3. Turn on your 3DS console and wifi, run Cubic Ninja →Create→QR Code →Scan QR Code ( go to Ninjhax page and get the QR code which is compatible with your 3ds console)IMG_7935IMG_7937
4. When scanning succeeds, pressA-A to install the exploit. Then the homebrew launcher will load.IMG_7938
5. Select “Region free launcher” and the game(Rhythm Tengoku) shows, you can press the blue button to switch games
1. Once you want to exit the homebrew launcher when you plag game region free, please press Power button and then press”Home” to be back to menu interface.
2.Once you have install Ninjhax previously, please go to CUBIC NINJA’s main menu, hold L+R+X+Y to erase the savegame.
3. There may need to several time to scan the QR code. When you scan the QR code, there shows”an error occurs” which means you forget to turn on your wifi.

GATEWAY ULTRA v3.3 Support O3DS 9.9 Emunand


Nintendo 3DS9.9 coming out two days ago and gateway3ds team is not out of our expectations and also released the new firmware-Gateway ULTRA 3.3, which can support OLD 3DS9.9 emunand

Posted on July 14, 2015

And we are back with another quick emunand update!
Today we present Gateway ULTRA 3.3, to bring support for latest 9.9 emunand system firmware for Old 3DS.

While we are still hard at work at improving our firmware, we hope to have our special new features ready soon!

And as always ENJOY!

Turorial of GATEWAY ULTRA v3.3: How to Use Gateway3.2.1 With New 3DS On the basis of GW3.2?

Firmware GW 3.3 “Ultra” Public BETA

Nintendo 3DS v9.9.0-26U Released. Which flashcard was not blocked?

Nintendo3DS v9.9.0-26U

Nintendo 3DS v9.9.0-26U released, and this update maily applies to New Nintendo 3DS XL/Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo 3DS XL/Nintendo 2DS. Here are the Nintendo offcial news:

Main changes for version 9.9.0-26U

Update released: July 13th, 2015

Further improvements to overall system stability, system security, and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

We have upgrade our 3ds console and tested with our r4i card and sky3ds. We have confirmed that r4i gold 3ds,  r4i sdhc dual core, r4i gold pro, r4i sdhc rts lite, ace3ds card,dstwo and sky3ds card can all work on the 3ds 9.9.0-26U directly.

Which flashcard support 3DS v9.9.0-26?

Sky 3DS (From

DStwo (From

r4i gold 3DS (From



R4i gold pro 2014(From

R4i shdc dual core 2014(From

R4i sdhc sliver card(From