New SD2Vita Adapter released.


From last month, SD2Vita- the microSD card adapter for PS Vita console loads on digitopz. Many people have bought SD2Vita adapter for their PS Vita 3.60 with HENkaku.

Now there is a new SD2Vita adapter released and here are the pictures.SD2vita0001SD2vita0002
It has the same function and user guide with the red SD2Vita.
The only difference is that the new black SD2Vita adapter features bounce inside. When you press the microSD card in SD2Vita, the microSD card will pop up automatically. You can remove the microSD card from adapter easily.

The price of New SD2Vita is still $11.9.

NTRBoot instruction: How to use R4i Gold 3DS RTS and a Magnet to install boot9strap on 3DS


Recently, NTRBoot is pretty hot which can install B9S and Luma 3DS CFW via an Acekard 2i or an R4i Gold 3DS RTS card and a magnet. NTRBoot works on every 3DS on any firmware version. How to use R4i Gold 3DS RTS to setup B9S or Luma 3DS CFW on your 3DS via NTRBoot?

What you need
Your ntrboot compatible DS / DSi flashcart:
● Either the Acekard 2i or R4i Gold 3DS RTS
Two 3DS family devices
● The source 3DS: the 3DS family device that is already running some kind of custom firmware (such as boot9strap or arm9loaderhax)
● The target 3DS: the device on stock firmware
The latest release of boot9strap (ntr boot9strap; not the devkit file)
The latest release of ntrboot_flasher

Section I – Prep Work

1. Power off the source 3DS
2. Insert the source 3DS’s SD card into your computer
3. Create a folder named “ntrboot” on the root of your SD card
4. Copy “boot9strap_ntr.firm” and “boot9strap_ntr.firm.sha” from the “boot9strap ntr .zip” to the “/ntrboot/” folder on your SD card
5. Copy “ntrboot_flasher.firm” from “the ntrboot_flasher .zip” to the “/luma/payloads” folder on the source 3DS’s SD card
6. Reinsert the source 3DS’s SD card back into the source 3DS
7. Insert your R4i Gold 3DS RTS into the source 3DS

Section II – Flashing ntrboot

1. Launch the Luma3DS chainloader by holding (Start) during boot on the source 3DS
2. Select “ntrboot_flasher”
3. Select “Dump Flash”
4. Wait until the process is completed
5. Press (B) to return to the main menu
6. Select “Inject Ntrboot”
7. Press (Y) to proceed
8. Press (R) for retail unit ntrboot
9. Wait until the process is completed
10. Press (B) to return to the main menu
11. Select “EXIT” to power off the source 3DS

As you have flashed ntrboot to R4i Gold 3DS RTS, then you can start to install boot9strap on 3DS (XL)/NEW 3DS (XL)/2DS/NEW 2DS (XL) console via the NTRBOOT method with another user guide. For short, the whole progress is using NTRBoot Flasher on the hacked system to put NTRBootHax onto your compatible flashcart, then use that to hack your unhacked 3DS system.


Q: Can Nintendo patch this?
A: Nope! Not without a new hardware revision.

Q: My flashcard is blocked by my firmware! Can I still use this?
A: Yes! The flashcard blacklist is not enabled on the bootrom.

Q: Why can’t this work with my flashcard?
A: The installation requires you to flash NTRBoot to the flashcard’s nand. Not all flashcards have this!

Q: Will my 3DS flashcard work?
A: No, only NDS flashcards listed above.

Q: I tried to do this with my cartridge and it didn’t work?
A: It doesn’t work with regular DS cards.

Q: Can I unbrick from a ____ brick?
A: Considering the card has access to the bootrom, most likely yes! This can potentially unbrick any brick (except MCU), unless you’ve taken a knife to the motherboard.

Q: Can I install B9S on the latest firmware with this?
A: Again, since the card has access to the bootrom, you can potentially do this easily! Just plug in your flashcard, boot up using the magnet and button combination, and install.

Q: Does this work on the New Nintendo 2DS XL?
A: Yes!

Note that in some rare circumstances, it may be possible for the flashing process to brick a counterfeit flashcart and render it permanently unusable. This is unlikely, but nevertheless only original listed flashcarts are supported. To reduce the chance of receiving a counterfeit card, it is recommended that you use a reputable site to buy your flashcart (such as digitopz)

PS Vita SD2Vita User Instruction: How to setup SD2Vita MicroSD Adapter?


SD2Vita- One microSD adapter only works on PS Vita 3.60 with HENkaku has been released. SD2Vita allows you to use microSD card in the game card slot which can replace the Vita memory cards. It supports any size of microSD card. With SD2Vita, you can use microSD card to install more Vita games and homebrews. In this post, we will tell you how to setup SD2Vita.

A computer running Windows Vista or newer (XP should work too)
A PSVita running FW 3.60
A microSD card
A microSD card reader (you can use an SD card reader and an SD to microSD adapter)
Win32 Disk Imager 
SD2Vita driver (when mounts your SD2Vita adapter as ux0: and your Vita memory card as uma0)
SD2Vita driver(mounts your SD2Vita adapter as uma0: and your Vita memory card as ux0)
Download the zzBlank.img file for your microSD

After getting the stuff you need, you can start off with installing the driver:

1. If you plan to use your microSD adapter as ux0:, back up your Vita memory card to your computer. You can do this via USB so that it’s quicker. If you want to use your SD2Vita as uma0: (external memory), skip this step
2. Move your ux0:/tai folder to ur0:/tai so that you can use your adapter even if you don’t have the Vita card inserted and it may avoid any path issues while mounting the microSD card. ur0 is the internal memory of your Vita – It’s available on Slim models, PSTVs and even the FAT models (even though Sony doesn’t want you using it).
3. Add the sd2vita adapter driver to ur0:/tai/config.txt under the *KERNEL section. The line you’ll be adding will probably be “ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx”. Now, you’ve installed the driver on your PSVita.

Now, you can prepare the microSD card:

1. Put the microSD card into the adapter and wait for it to show up on your computer
2. Open up Win32 Disk Imager, select zzBlank.img from your computer, make sure you’re selecting the microSD in the drive selector and press WRITE.
3. Unplug your microSD and pop it back in.
4. Format your disk from Windows (it should ask you to but go to My Computer and right click on the microSD) with the following options:
exFAT as File system
Select Default allocation size as Allocation Unit Size
Don’t put in a volume label
5. You’ve now finished your microSD! You can copy the backup of your Vita memory card if you went down that route.

After that, simply pop the microSD in your adapter, run HENkaku on your PSVita and enjoy the extra storage!

Sky3ds+ Supports The Great Ace Attorney 2


The Great Ace Attorney 2 (Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken) is an adventure video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo 3DS. The Great Ace Attorney 2 was released on August 3, 2017 in Japan. Does sky3ds+ support 3DS The Great Ace Attorney 2?

I have downloaded this 3ds rom and copy it to my microSD card. Insert sky3ds+ to my 3DS v11.5.0-38J and find that 3DS The Great Ace Attorney 2 works fine on sky3ds+ card.
Please see the attached picture
If you want the 3ds rom of The Great Ace Attorney 2, please contact us via



PS4KIT ModChip for gamesharing on PS4 4.72 in Stock


What is PS4KIT?

PS4KIT is the hardware modification for PS4 and the new generation modchip. PS4KIT allows groups of friends to share games between their PS4s with no limitation. In other words, one of your friends buys a (digital) game on the PSN through a shared account, then the whole group can play the game on their own PS4. It is working great on your PS4 1000/1100/1200/Slim/Pro. If you want to play more shared account games on your PS4 console, PS4KIT is your best choice.

PS4KIT Features
Compatible with Models PS4 10/11/12/Slim/Pro
6x Wire Installation for an Easy Install
Compatible with PS4 Firmware 4.72
Allows you to move your downloaded games to your hard drive
Official site:

Note: The PS4KIT will require some good soldering skill and a significant amount of trust with your friends.