DSTWO PLUS- best flashcard playing GBA/SNES games?

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Supercard DSTWO PLUS is currently the only one cart that can support GBA/SNES games directly without buying anything extra.

Some users may say dstwo can also be used to play GBA/SNES games directly. Of cause it can, but dstwo has stopped produced and wasnot available in the market any more. As supercard team has released their new 3ds flashcard: dstwo plus which has dstwo and gateway 3ds functions. Now, it is the only one card that can support GBA/SNES/DS/3DS Roms in one card.

How to use dstwo plus play GBA/SNES games?

1. Download ‘DSTWO PLUS EOS v.14′ and upzip it. Copy all the files to the root of microSD card for dstwo plus.
2. Download GBA/SNES Emulator plugin, unzip the folder. Copy all the files to your microSD card.
3. Download GBA/SENS games ane place them to your microSD card.
4. Insert your dstwo plus and bootup your console.
5. Select TempGBA/CATSFC icon in dstwo plus menu, and then find the GBA/SNES games to enjoy it.

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Can r4i 3ds cart support 3ds roms on 3DS10.3.0-28?


For flashcard new comer, there always some misunderstanding about 3ds roms and ds roms. In this post, we will classify it for you.

The r4i card we used commenly are: r4i gold 3ds,ace3ds plus,r4i-sdhc 3ds rts, r4i gold pro, r4i shdc dual core and r4i sdhc sliver.  Though there is ‘3ds’ on the name, but they are ds flashcard which can only support ds roms. The r4i 3ds cart can not support 3ds roms.

We always meet some users said: “i cannot use my r4i golf pro/ ace3ds plus to play 3ds roms, what is the problem”.

So please keep it in mind, r4i3ds card can only be used to play ds roms. You cannot play 3ds roms with r4i card. And if you want to play 3ds roms. Here are two 3ds flashcard  recommended to you


* Support unlimited 3ds roms with one card
* Support any 3DS system version(including the newest 10.3.0-28U/E/J).
* Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
* Support eShop and online game.
* Compatible with anyMicroSD 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB SDHC cards.


* Support 3ds roms on 3DSV4.1-9.2
* Support 3DS/XL,2DS,New 3DS/XL, DS,DSi.
* Support DS/GBA/SENS roms on the latest 3ds fimrware
* No Region lock
* Support Unlimited micro sd card, support SDHC.(FAT/FAT32)

Which is the best 3ds flashcard for 3DS10.3.0-28, sky3ds, gateway3ds or dstwo plus?


Nintendo 3DSv10.3.0-28 has released for several weeks and manu users has updated their 3DS console to the latest firmware. For users who really like playing 3ds games, which is the best flashcard for 3DS10.3.0-28? Sky3ds, gateway3ds, or dstwo plus?

Gateway 3ds for 3DS10.3.0-28
Gateway 3ds is really a powerful 3ds flashcard which can support 3ds roms on 3DS4.1-9.2. With the latest plugin GW3.5.1, gateway 3ds can support emunand O3DS10.3.0/NEW3DS9.5.

So for 3DS10.3.0-28 console users, do not buy gateway3ds. Otherwise you have ways of downgrade your 3DS lower v9.2. In other words,  please  be careful not to upgrade your 3DS above9.2 for gateway users until the gateway team announce that gateway 3ds support higher 3ds firmware version.

DSTWO PLUS for 3DS10.3.0-28
dstwo plus112403
DSTWO PLUS emulate gateway model to support 3ds games on  3DSv4.1-9.2 and emunand 3DS10.2.0-28. Please donot update your dstwo plus emunand to the latest firmware until the supercard team relased the new plugin support emunand3DSv10.3

As dstwo has been stopped production, users can use dstwo plus to play DS/GBA/SNES games on 3DSv10.3.0-28.

SKY3DS for 3DS10.3.0-28

New sky3ds

SKY3DS can support 3ds games on any 3DS firmware, it is currently  the only one 3ds flashcard playing 3ds games on 3DSv10.3.0-28. So if you have upgrade your 3DS to v10.3.0-28, sky3ds is your choice to enjoy 3ds games.

Gateway Ultra V3.5.1 herald ingame menu and CIA games cheats.


Gateway Ultra V3.5.1 updated after GW3.5 released for 3 days. During the time, gateway users feed back the problems and bug they have met. The GW ultra3.5 occasionally enabled the cheat engine, even if users did not enable it. And the gateway team teaser for the surprise feature! They are working on support cheat on CIA based games and supporting a new feature-ingame menu

Here are the changlog of Gateway Ultra V3.5.1
①Fixed cheats engine  problem
②Allow bigger ExFAT cluster sizes again
③List cheats of five 3DS USA games
④Announce that the new firmware of supporing cheats on CIA based games will come soon
⑤Announce the next upcoming feature: ingame menu

Here are the official news from gateway-3ds.com:
14/11 – GATEWAY ULTRA v3.5.1 PUBLIC BETA(edit)
Posted on November 14, 2015

Today we are back with a quick firmware update!

We would like to thank our users for the prompt feedback of our previous firmware update!
You are always helping us improve and think of new features that we never could have imagined.

* Fixed loading issues for CIA based games, classic mode
* Allow bigger ExFAT cluster sizes again
* Teaser for the surprise feature!

Our previous firmware accidentally always enabled our cheat engine, even if you did not enable it.
This caused all kinds of weird issues, but we hope those are all resolved now.

NOTE: We are working on supporting cheats for CIA based games, and it is coming soon.

We also rewrote our filesystem driver from scratch in order to support our surprise feature, and in doing so we
have introduced some minor inconveniences such as added checks for ExFAT cluster sizes.
These are now removed as some users had cluster sizes as big as 32MB.

Some users did not know what cheats are currently available, so here we list them:

LEGO Star Wars III – The Clone Wars (USA)
Sonic Generations (USA)
Star Fox 64 3D (USA)
The Legend of Zelda – A Link Between Worlds (USA)
Yoshis New Island (USA)

These are mainly as a proof of concept, and we expect many more to come with the help of our users!

Some users also wondered what kind of memory addresses the Gateway 3DS cheat engine expects, so let us be clear:
It expects virtual memory addresses, so that it works on both New 3DS and Old 3DS and for any supported firmware version our users are running.

This means that existing codes used in for example AR3DS, which use physical addresses, need to be converted into virtual addresses.
Unfortunately this kind of conversion is not straightforward.

As for the Special KEYPAD cheat code, the keypad value can be any combination of the following:

0x1        A
0x2        B
0x4        Select
0x8        Start
0x10    Right
0x20    Left
0x40    Up
0x80    Down
0x100    R
0x200    L
0x400    X
0x800    Y


We would like to formally introduce our next upcoming feature that we have in the works: the ingame menu!
With the ingame menu, you pause the game and you will be able to:
* Live edit game memory RAM with an on screen hex editor!
* Live configuration of cheats
* Live search for cheats!
* And many more features that we have planned

See below for our current proof of concept in action!

That’s it for now, and as always, ENJOY!

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