Buy iphone6s popular Judy Zootopia silicone case with long chain

Zootopia iphone6 case2

Recently, Zootopia is really popular and there is new iphone6s case with the theme of the rabbit policewomen-Judy in Zootopia. For Zootopia fans, it is really a surprise and can not miss. The horizontal Judy image with big face on the back of the case is pretty cute. There are two chains;small chain with smart judy doll on her ear, long chain which can carry the case as a portable bag.

Soft silicone material will protect your iphone6/6s, iphon 6/6s plus from sliding, sacratch and dust. The unique surface will also make your iphone 6s fashionable. There are two colors available: pink and blue.

Popular Judy Zootopia silicone case with long chain

Zootopia iphone6 case1

Zootopia iphone6 case3

Cobra black fin official user manual

BlackFin 1

Cobra black fin is the first ever peer to peer game sharing device for Vita. It allows PS Vita and PS Vita Slim Wifi and 3G users to share their or friends’ Vita games as many as you can by connecting to a P2P network via from your PC.

The BlackFin comes as three separate devices:
1. The BlackFin Reader
2. The BlackFin Card Emulator
3. The BlackFin Dongle

BlackFin 2

The BlackFin Reader allows you to connect your own game cards to the network, dump the games’ISO from your cards and to allow your friends to play the games that you own.

The BlackFin Card Emulator allows you to emulate a Vita game card by using a game’s ISO and access to the original game via the network of BlackFin Readers.

The BlackFin Dongle is a simple BlueTooth 4.0 Low Energy (BTLE) dongle for the PC.

The mode of operation of the BlackFin system is simple, but requires many components to work together for a successful game launch.

The BlackFin Dongle is inserted into your PC via USB. This will allow the BlackFin Software to use the dongle to connect to the BlackFin Emulator via BlueTooth. Once The BlackFin Software is connected to the Emulator, it will receive a list of games available on the microSD card of the Emulator.

The BlackFin Software will then connect to the BlackFin Server and checks if the games on the microSD are available on the server. Once a game has been selected, the Vita will try to authenticate the card. Those authentication messages will then be sent from the Emulator to the Software via Bluetooth. The Software will then send those authentication message via the internet to the BlackFin Server, which will in turn send them to your friend’s BlackFin Software. Your friend’s Software will then authenticate the card via the BlackFin Reader connected to their PC via USB.

Once the game card has been authenticated with the Vita, the connection with the Emulator is dropped and the Emulator will then emulate the game card using the game ISO on the microSD. In order to share a game with your friends, all you need to do is connect the BlackFin Reader to your PC via USB, and insert original Vita game cards into the Reader. If your BlackFin Software is connected to the Server, and the game card has been authenticated at least once before, then that game will be shared with the server for use by other users of the BlackFin Emulator.

If you want the detailed user manual and please download from here:
Blackfin setup and user guide v1.0

How to use iDrive USB 2.0 flash drive with your iphone6?


In last post, we introduce you one new product: iDrive 16GB/32GB/64GB USB 2.0 metal flash drive for iphone,ipad,ipod. We talks about its feature and specifictaion. Now , we will tell you how to use this iDrive USB 2.0 flash drive with your iphone6.

1. When you insert iDrive flash drive into your iphone6, your iphone6 will eject one message box automatically. Select and go to APP store, download and install the free APP: iDiskk Pro. Or there is no message box, please go to the APP Store and find it to download&install.


2. Open APP: iDiskk Pro and go to iDiskk page which shows all the files within iDrive USB flash drive. There are four buttons:iDiskk, APP, iphone, Settings.
APP page shows the application files in your iphone;
iphone page shows the pcitures in your iphone album.


iDiskk page:
① You can open files directly in iDiskk page and it allows you to share or copy files.

② You can click [More] button and go to subordinate directories where you can create new folders, classify the files and edit many files at the same time pressing [Edit] button.

③ Click [Edit] button and select some files in iDiskk page; then click [Copy]button and choose the destination folder in APP. The files has been copied and pasted to APP. Or you can click [Move] button , the files will be moved to APP.



④Select one file and Click[Operate] button, you can share file to social application, send email or change its name.


APP/iphone page: The operation instruction in the APP/iphone is the same as it in iDiskk page. You can share files within the three directories.

Buy B20 Bluetooth music watch tf card portable watch style speaker


Do you think that it is inconvenient to listen to the music with your iphone when doing some sports? There is a new Wrist ergonnomic design- watch speaker which will bring much convenience to you.

It is connected with your iphone via bluetooth. You can use watch speaker to listen to the music and receive hands-free call from your iphone. You can also control your iphone remotely to selfie within receiving range of your iphone.

The watch specker is equipped with B20FM radio which allows you to enjoy news when doing some sports. You can also listen to the music with TF card inserted. Once the watch speaker connected to your iphone, the iphone will automatically alarm when it is out of bluetooth receiver range. There are five colors available:While/black/red/gold/blue


Buy iDrive 16GB USB 2.0 flash drive for iphone,ipad,ipod


Do you always find the capacity of your iphone 6 is not enough for games, musics and movies. Now you do not need to worry any more.

USB 2.0 flash drive which can supports 5/5S/5C/6/6P/6S/6 SP/ipad4/45/6/ipad mini/2/3/ipod4 with IOS system above 7. Ad it also can be used on Microsoft Windows, win7,win8,win10 computers. It is available with capacity in 16GB/32GB/64GB, which can offer you enough places to storage your files and pictures.

The flash drive is metal with sliding cover which can protect the device and its content. The transfer speed up to 5-10 m/s on iphone and 20-30 m/s on PC which is much faster than usual flash drive. It can support many different kinds of file format:doc, ppt, xls, xlsx, pdf; mp3, wav, m4a, aac, m4r; mov, mpg, swf, vob, wmr, rmvb, avi, mp4, flv, 3gp, rm; jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff.