Nintendo 3DS Version 8.1.0-18U Published.

It’s not a long time that nintendo 3ds updated its firmware again. 3DSV8.1.0-18 comes out today. Just as the usual, it’s  just a minor update since no obvious changes. After repeated tests throught our technicist, We can confirmed that Supercard DSTWO, R4i gold 3ds, R4i-sdhc 3DS RTS and Ace3ds plus  R4i gold pro , R4i shdc dual core ,R4i sdhc sliver card can perfectly work well on 3DSV8.1.0-18 which din’t bloack any flaschards.  For other flaschcard which play 3ds multi-rom, they can’t work on 3DSV8.1.0-18 as before. so pls do not update your 3DSV4.1.0-4.5.0 to 3DSV8.1.0-18. If you have any more other questions,feel free to contact us. we will be glad to help.



Here are the changelog of nintendo 3DSV8.1.0-18:

“Main changes for version 8.1.0-18U
Update released: July 24th, 2014
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.”

“Nintendo constantly aims to improve the functionality of its systems and services in order to provide the easiest, most user-friendly experience possible. As a part of these efforts, we are making Nintendo 3DS™ system updates available for download via the Internet. Your Nintendo 3DS system and software are not designed for use with any unauthorized device and/or any unauthorized software. Please note that the Nintendo warranties do not cover any defects to or defects caused by unauthorized devices, software, modifications and/or non-licensed accessories. Furthermore such use may lead to injury to yourself or others and may cause performance issues and/or damage to your Nintendo 3DS system and related services. Nintendo (as well as Nintendo licensees or distributors) is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of such devices, software, modifications or non-licensed accessories. IMPORTANT: After the Nintendo 3DS system is updated, any existing or future unauthorized technical modification of the hardware or software of your Nintendo 3DS system, or the use of an unauthorized device in connection with your system, may render the system permanently unplayable. Content deriving from the unauthorized modification of the hardware or software of your Nintendo 3DS system may be removed. Failure to accept the update may render games unplayable. In relatively newer versions of the Nintendo 3DS system update, updates can be received automatically when connected to a wireless access point. When the download is complete, you will receive a dialog on the HOME Menu detailing the steps to install the update. Version 8.1.0-18U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Improved system stability and usability: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”

How To Use R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Firmware 4.0b2 To Play 3DS multi-roms?

We are just received the letter from our customers about how to use R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Firmware 4.0b2 to play 3DS multi-roms? We have performed several time already the flashcard works well.

Step1: Download R4 woodV1.64 kernel for ds card, Unzip it and put all files into the root directory of SD card and insert SD card into blue card. Download from:


r4i gold 3ds4

r4i gold 3ds2Step2: Downaload R4i gold 3ds deluxe firmware 4.0b2 from official website , and copy the “” to your 3DS SD.

Step3:  Format the micro sd card in “FAT32″ or “exFAT”(exFAT should format under window vista/WIN7/WIN8…)

Step4. Copy some 3ds roms to Micro sd card

Step5. Insert microsd card into your R4iGold Deluxe(the 3DS card) and then insert it into the 3DS SLOT

Step6. Prepared the blue card and whirte card, then power 3DS. Running into Wood menu, press “START” to select “3DS Setup” , and then press “B” to intall “3DS Setup”   After the programing verify finished , press “HOME” to return to main menu.  Go to “setting”->”other setting”->”profile”->”Nintendo DS Profile”.Then,you have entered R4IGOLD DELUXE MODE.

Step7. The 3ds games list will show on the top screen after you press “KEY_SELECT”

Step8. The KEY_Left and KEY_Right can be used for selecting game icon, can move 1 step by each pressing

Step9. The KEY_L and KEY_R can move game icons with 5 steps by each pressing

Step10. Pressing KEY_A to confirm your choice

Step11. Then the game icon will display, you can press KEY_A to enter to play the 3ds game

This picture can better descripe the procedure of the set-up.


R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Card2 Type Patch Released.

In all R4 cards, R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition is the only one card which can play 3ds multiroms. on July 18th,2014, R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition patch for card2 type released. it maily aimed to fix fix card2 games.


When there are some problems to  use firmware 4.0b2 are  to run the games downloaded from Eshop or internet ,or it’s difficult to save the games, you can download this patch to change the games, the patch for Card2 type can sove this problems. but there is one thing we need to attention: patch still does not work for pokemon X/Y, because the save is too large.

Here are the changelog of r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition patch for card2:

Change log:
1.Card2 type can be coverted to card1 type
2.Support eShop downloaded roms

*Thank tomvii for his contribution to batchcard2tocard1testbytomvii.rar

Attention: this patch still does not work for pokemon X/Y, because the save is too large.
[Download Now]

R4i gold 3DS Deluxe edition Firmware 4.0b2 Released.

R4i gold 3DS Deluxe edition Firmware 4.0b2 Released. it mainly released the news about the 3ds multi-roms. now, Besides that gateway 3ds and mt-card support 3ds multiroms, R4i gold 3DS Deluxe are also included. r4ids team just like what we expected achieve the goal of 3ds multirom. although it comes a little late, but glad to see they finally did it. no more than that, we can see from the changelog that it also support online play. In order to better serve for our cusotmers to make sure you can rest assured the use of this flaschard, our technicists have tested the firmware 4.0b2 already which runs very perfectly on 3DSV4.1.0-4.5.0. no any problem appeared during the couse of the games or when the game last for long time. it’s confirmed that R4i gold 3DS Deluxe edition Firmware 4.0b2 won’t brick 3ds console. pleased feel free to enjoy the multiroms.


Change Log:
1.Support Multi-ROM
2.Support FAT32&exFAT
3.Support up to 32GB tf card
4.Support online play(to be tested)
5.Because of the 3ds system’s updating, emuNand is delayed.

Attention: For the limitation of memory space, the MH4 patch cannot be added in this update, sure you can play the MH4 through Deluxe Firmware 4.0B1.

How to make supercard dstwo to work on 3DSV8.0.0-18?

Supercard dstwo has been confirmed to work well on 3DSV8.0.0-18 perfectly.  if you have a supercard dstwo which works well on 2DS/3DS/3DSXL/DSi/DSL, then it will definitely work on 3DSV8.0.0-18. we have tested the card already and we will give a demonstration below. if you have a 2DS/3DS/3DSXL/DSi/DSL,don’t heasite to buy supercard dstwo to play games. it’s really a powerful flashcard and worthy buying.

Before the games, we need to parpared some things:

1 x workable supercard dstwo
1 x Micro SD card.
1 x A card reader
1 x DSTWO EOS kernel (Downloading from dstwo official website: )



Firstly, We can see that our 3DS console is v8.0.0-18.


Secondly, Insert your micro sd card inot card reader and connect card reader to the computer.

Thirdly, Unzip the DSTWO EOS kernel you have downloaded ,extract all files into the root directory of SD card. creat another foler and put your games into it.


Fourthly, Put the SD card downloaded kernel and games into 3DSV8.0.0-18. power the console, you will this dstwo icon pop out like this:


Click the icon and it will enter into the interface of supercard dstwo, now it’s normal you can enjoy the games on 3V8.0.0-18 now.