How to play NDS/GBA games with Supercard DSTWO on 3DS/DS?


We all konw that supercard dstwo has been available again and this card has many strongly function,including playing GBA games. Once you want to play gba game with other flashcards which is not a slot2, you must need a EZ-flash 3 and 1. And you can play gba games directly with supercard Ddstwo.

In this post, we will introduce to newbie how to use supercard dstwo to play GBA/NDS games on your 3DS/DS console.(We tested dstwo on DS V1.45 and 3DS V9.8.0J)

1. please download dstwo EOS latest version”” and upzip it. Then copy all the files in folder to the root of your micro sd card;
copy the nds games and gba games to the root of your micro sd card;
2. Download the GBA emulator”” and unzip all the files to the root of micro sd card.
3.Insert your dstwo with micro sd card  to your console, and turn on your console.
4. There will be menu interface and click the icon”DS-GAME”7602
you will find the games and select to enjoy it.7603
5.There also a icon”Temp GBA”, please click it and then run “New game” to select the game. Finally you can enoy the gba game.
Noting: Once you can see the game icon but the console cannot read the game, which caused by the small memory of your micro sdcard. Please change another micro sd card.

Here is the proof that dstwo can play NDS/GBA games on 3DS 9.8.0760876097611

SKY3DS new template file released


SKY3DS team released a new template file added two 3DS games: I Love My Dogs and I Love My Dogs.

* Sky3DS updated template file [07/03/2015]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
3DS1293 – I Love My Dogs
3DS1294 – I Love My Cats

SKY3DS New Template File Coming

New sky3ds

Today sky3ds team released the new template file and add four games

* Sky3DS updated template file [06/30/2015]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
1281 – Wreck-It Ralph
1290 – Garfield Kart
1291 – Paddington – Adventures in London
1292 – Yakari – The Mystery of Four Seasons EU

Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4) New Update, Supporting FirmLaunch with SKY3DS.


Pasta CFW can allows users to paly cia game with sky3ds, now there is a new update-Pasta CFW 1.3(beta4) ,which can support FirmLaunch  and back NAND.

Firmlauch will allow you to play games that require updated firmwares to run. In a word, users can play more cia game even some latest game which required a higher firmare version than your console version. We will use the cia of Rhythm Tengoku which only works well on sky3ds with firmware above 9.6.

Users guide of  Pasta CFW:   SKY3DS Can Support CIA Games Using Pasta CFW Without Gateway3ds


OLD 3DS(V4.0-9.2)/NEW3DS(V9.0-9.2)
One Micro SD card
O3DS/N3DS SD card
CIA files of games
Cubic Ninja

1.Download the “pasta” and all the files we need to use in the following guide has been put. Unzip the file. Copy all the files in file “sd” to the root of your 3DS Micro SD card. Put the cia file of games to the root of your 3DS Micro SD card.6301
2. Run PastaCFW Configurator file and select your N/O3DS SD card in the blank of “Disk” , select your 3DS model(Old 3DS or New 3DS),click download;
When the download completed, click yes  and then close this firmware.Insert the SD card to your 3DS.630263036304
3. Go to and get the QR code compatible wit your N/O3DS firmware version;
Start your 3DS with wifi being turned on, run  Cubic Ninja in sky3ds→EDIT→QR Code →QR Code の読取, and then scan the QR Code. When done, you will go to the homebrew launcher;6305
Select  Pasta CFW loader and press A, run again Cubic Ninja→EDIT→QR Code →QR Code の読取 which goes to homebrew launcher
Press L+A to run Pasta CFW loader, Select the “backup sysNANA” which can make a backup of the NAND of your 3DS;
Select “options” -Enable FirmLaunch(Remain NO)-A(save)630663076308
4. Select the most left”Give me some pasta” and back to homebrew. and then run “FBI”-BigBlueMenu.cia. when it finished, press start to exit it.6309
5. Press L+A to run Pasta CFW loader, Select “options” -Enable FirmLaunch(YES)-A(save)63010
6. There will be a gift box showing and install the cia file of game you want to play. When the installation finished, you can enjoy cia games freely.
As the pictures show, the cia Rhythm Tengoku can be played on the NEW 3DS 9.1.0-20J.63011

SKY3DS released new template file

New sky3ds

Sky3ds teams update their template file and adds some new games

* Sky3DS updated template file [06/24/2015]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
1287 – LEGO Jurassic World (France)
CTR-P-BFYJ2BB3 =Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku Fire Emblem If – Black Kingdom JPN
CTR-P-BFXJDE48 =Fire Emblem If – Byakuya Oukoku Fire Emblem If – White Kingdom JPN
CTR-P-BFZJ47EE =Fire Emblem If JPN

* Sky3DS updated template file [06/23/2015]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
1247 – Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan – Airport Hero 3D – Haneda All Stars (Japan)
1272 – Tribe Cool Crew – The G@me JPN
1275 – Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi – Ohmi Tetsudou Hen (Japan)
1285 – Popolocrois – Bokujou Monogatari (Japan)