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3DS Stand Base with Audio Output Speaker and Brush Pot
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Model: 3DSE002
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This 3DS Stand Base with Audio Output Speaker and Brush Pot is specially designed for 3DS console.The stand angle is adjustable according to players ' will.You can enjoy the perfect audio experience while using this speaker.

Friendly reminder:

1: Please do not vigorously throwing, smashing or intention to make the damage to the product of bad behavior.
2: When the battery power too low, is likely to affect the quality of speaker's tone .
3: Please do not put the product near hot or put the product in fire.
4: Please do not use chemical solvents to clean this product! For cleaning, wipe gently with a damp cloth!
5: The proper use and proper maintenance of this product may extend its service life.

User Guide

1. Spread the product,and put 2pcs AAA battery in the back battery slot of product
2. You can adjust any angle discretional
3. Put the console into the product tank,connect the audio terminal to console's audio interface ,turn the switch to ON,LED will light green,this moment you can do power amplifier output for console
4. Adjust the volume of sound by the volumn switch on the left


* Perfect audio effect
* Adjustable stand
* Underslung design to put 3DS at grade balanced
* With brush pot design can put 2pcs different stylus into it
* With audio output speaker and can control volume and on/off


Weight: 235 gram
Input: DC 3V (equal to 2PCS AAA batteries)
Output power: 0.25W X2

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